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The taste of the food depends on many factors, including how precisely you manage the time. The overcooked or undercooked meal is something that can’t be stomached.  Of course, cooks have initiated different ways of anticipating cooking time, but nothing matches the kitchen timers. These devices are tailor-made to withstand water spills, rooster fats, and a heavy coating of dough, thus safe to use while cooking. Then, if you can get a perfect timer, why risk your phone in the kitchen?   Not unless you value less, which I doubt!

Some might argue that modern kitchenware has inbuilt timers, which is true. But, the inbuilt timer means keeping an eye on your food while cooking. The timers are great kitchen addition that is recommended to both amateur and first-time cooks. Even professional chef swears by the help of the timers that contribute to the final well-cooked meals.

Luckily, there are countless choices in the market that assures you of getting one that perfectly matches your needs. Nonetheless, many options might make choosing a specific one a hard thing to do. Do you opt for analog or digital, single-time or multi-time, magnetic, or freestanding? These are some of the questions dissected here to help you make a well-informed decision. Besides, we have reviewed the six best kitchen timers plus the buyer’s guide to ensure you pick the perfect product for your everyday cooking needs. Read through for the best pick.

Top 6 Kitchen Timers In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Why You May Need A Kitchen Timer Even With A Smartphone App

Why You May Need A Kitchen Timer Even With A Smartphone App

We may think that due to advanced technology that allows us to use phones as timers, there is no place for pantry timers. This is wrong as the timers make a great culinary masterpiece and are better off than the cellphones.

The main reason is the simplicity of kitchen timers makes it easy to use during any cooking session. Some tasks that involve kneading of the dough, such as when making Pizza, require multiple timing. For instance, you need to schedule for it to rise, toping, and when baking, which means touching the timer with dirty hands. If using phones, it can be disastrous as the dough can get through charging or headphones ports. Thus, having a separate timer that can withstand all kitchen activities help keep your phone clean and safe.

What To Consider For The Best Quality Kitchen Timer – Buyer’s Guide

When buying products from the market, getting the best always gives a sense of value. Same as the kitchen timers, you have to be keen on the features that an option presents to make the best pick that suits your needs and style. Here are features to keep in mind before making a purchase:

Types Of A kitchen Timer

Unlike the stopwatches, which count from zero and stop when the activity ends, the timers are set to a particular time and pips the alarm when it gets to zero. Basically, the timers can either be mechanical or digital. Each has strengths and weaknesses that you should be aware of when looking for the timers to use in your kitchen. These two types are explained below:

1. Mechanical Timers

These are the traditional timers that work similarly to mechanical clocks. Time setting is done by wounding up a spring where the device starts counting downwards. When the timer reads zero, it sets out a buzzer sound that alerts you when time is up. Most of them have 60 minutes limit; thus, if you want to cook for long, then you may need to consider the digital ones.

2. Digital Timers

These are the latest innovation with a wide timing range with preset options. They have louder alarms and can be set to countdown and count-up, making them not only for kitchen use but other activities as well. Most of them are set by a press of a button, unlike the mechanical, which requires twisting for dial-up. Some have even three timers in one device, thus enabling you to keep watching three different cooking processes at a go. Digital is by far much better than mechanical ones, but some still prefer the latter.

Dial Type VS LCD Type

Timers come either as dial type or LCD that are operated differently. Dial type is straightforward to operate and does not require a battery or any other source of electrical power. Setting time is quickly done by dialing, and once the countdown reaches zero, it peeps. Dial types are mechanical timers.

LCD types have LCDs where the setting of time is done, but they require batteries or electrical power to operate. Though it presents more functionality, it can be difficult to operate the LCD timers. You, therefore, have to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each before purchasing a device that suits your needs.

Timing Range

Some baking processes require precise time setting even in seconds for well-made baked food. With mechanical timers, you cannot set time in seconds as it only counts in minutes, and this is where digital types come in handy. Mechanical models also have a shorter time range as they can count down from 60 minutes, but you can get digital ones that count up and down to a range of 10 hours. So, depending on your cooking needs, you should choose one accordingly.


The display determines the ease of reading timers even from a distance. Sometimes you may want to engage in other house chores, and visible timers allow you to read from far without getting closer, thus less trouble of returning to the kitchen now and then. Most LCDs have large and bolder displays, unlike their dial counterparts.


The essence of kitchen timers is the ability to alert you when the cooking process is over. In this regard, the alarm system should be louder and last at least for one minute to ensure you hear it no matter where you are in the house. Those with volume adjustment, flashing lights, and vibration have added advantages as they improve the alarm system and make sure it is hard to miss.


While some people do not care how products are designed as long as they perform their intended purpose, some do. Note that timers are a great addition to your kitchen, and the ones with a spectacular design add some notable aesthetic charm to your cuisine.  Thus, if you are design-conscious, go for one that matches your style to shine up your space.

Moisture Resistance

Moisture contact is inevitable while cooking. As you know, any electronic get damaged seriously by any liquid contact; thus, your timer should always be water-resistant. Ensure you check on this feature to avoid any disappointment and that your timer is sturdy to withstand some minor drop that can happen while you are busy cooking.

Reviews Of Best Timers For Kitchen

Reviews Of Best Timers For Kitchen

Undoubtedly, every cook needs a kitchen timer to avoid under-cooking or overcooking. The well-made foods taste yummiest, and there is no stomach upset whatsoever. You, therefore, need to focus on getting the top-rated timers that would serve you well longer. Here we present well-researched products that are easy to use, portable and versatile with some other interesting features. Go through them and buy one that matches your style.

1. Wrenwane Timer (Upgraded)

When it comes to customer service, no one can beat Wrenwane. The first model has some issues, but this upgraded model presents some significant improvements that every user would appreciate. The setting of time is done without the annoying beeps that most timers do with large on/off switch buttons. The digits are also large and clear, enabling you to read the time display from across the room, further making it ideal for those with poor eyesight.

The timer has a range of 99 minutes 59 seconds and can count up and down. Thus, apart from timing cooking processes, you can as well use the timer as a stopwatch for exercise, homework, gym workout, games, sports, and other classroom activities. Besides, the alarm cannot be missed as the timer peeps loudly and clearly but not deafening. Those who have mild hearing problems can still hear the sound.

The good thing is that you can use the retractable stand, magnetic back, or hook to place the timer in a convenient place in your kitchen. When not in use, you can power off the timer with the large switch button to preserve the battery. The simplicity of use, elegant design, portability, and a 1-year money-back guarantee make the Wrenwane timer a good device to consider.


1. Easy to read due to large digits

2. Audible alarm even for those with a mild hearing problem

3. Attractive design

4. Simple to operate

5. Three placement options with the choice of being worn around the neck

6. Alarm last for 60 seconds

7. Counts down and up giving much versatility


1. Not easy-to-read markings on the light blue buttons

Check Essential Specs Of Wrenwane Timer In The Table Below:

Weight0.64 ounces
Dimension80x75x20 millimeters
Time range99 minutes 59 seconds
Alarm duration60 seconds
Batteries required1 AAA

2. Antonki 2 Pack Digital Magnetic Timer

Why not join 8 million users of Antonki’s best-selling timer on Amazon? There is no doubt about its functionality as the customers have rated it high, with many attributing it to the perfectly well-made steaks and burgers, among other meals. The timer counts up and down, making it useful for cooking, bathroom, classroom, teachers, and kids.  With a time range of 99 minutes, 59 seconds, the timers can be used to prepare meals that require precise time settings even in seconds.

The timer is also super easy to use with minutes, and the second button used to rest the time to 00.00. It is hard to miss the loud alarm, which can be heard in a different room. There is a strong magnetic back pad that makes it easy to stick the timer on refrigerators and ovens with no chance of slipping. The power-saving batteries are included with a guaranteed performance of up to 1.5 years. Besides, you get 1000+ Days worry-free warranty making the timer a must-try for every household.


1. Easy to use with minutes and seconds button

2. AAA batteries included

3. 1000+ Days guarantee

4. A pack of 2 digital timers

5. Counts up and down present much versatility in terms of their use

6. Loud alarm

7. Easy sticking due to strong magnetic back pad


1. Beeps when setting thus not suitable for quite a demand

Check Essential Specs Of Antonki Timer In The Table Below:

Weight0.16 ounces
Time range99 minutes 59 seconds
Batteries Included1 AAA
ColorSenior white
Warranty1000+ Days

3. Habor 24-Hours Digital Timer

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With the Habor digital timer, there is no more worry about undercooked or overcooked meals. It has a time range of 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, making it suitable to use as both clock and timer. Besides, the timers count up and down from one second, making it ideal for precise settings and a wide range of applications that include various cooking, gym work out, exercise, baking, BBQs, baking, kids’ activities, and even meetings. Pressing H, M, or S button for about 3 seconds allows you to fast forward thus quick setting up freeing your fingers for other activities.

The ease in reading comes as a result of a large LCD with big digits. Apart from reading from a distance, you can as well hear the alarm from a different room due to loud 67-94DM beeping. The timer is simple to use as the operation is done through a press of a well-labeled button. You will never have to worry about where to put the clocks as there are three options for placing them. It has hooks for hanging, a retractable stand, and a magnetic back for sticking on refrigerators. The best thing is that their customer care is available 24 hours; thus, you can always seek help if stuck.


1. Loud alarm

2. Large LCD with a big digit for easy readability

3. Counts up and down for versatility in use

4. Simple to use by the press of well-labeled buttons

5. The large time range of 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds

6. Functions as a clock and stopwatch

7. Three options of placement


1. Beeps when setting thus not good for those who need quiet operation

2. Heavier compared to others

Check Essential Specs Of Habor Digital Timer In The Table Below:

Weight3.2 ounces
Time range23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds
Batteries Included1 AAA
LCD size2.6 inches

4. OXO 1071501 Good Grips Triple Timer

There is no better way to keep watch on your cooking processes than using OXO 1071501. It is a one in three-timer that allows you to set up the time to 100 hours. You can, therefore, monitor three processes at a go with a dedicated area on the wide LCD that can be read easily. The timer is easy to use with a soft button that is pressed when setting the time. Besides, you can use the device as a clock whenever you are not timing.

The angled face provides clear visibility when the timer is placed on shelves or countertops. It also has a non-sleep foot that protects the surfaces and ensures the device is stable. It uses two AAA batteries that are included and can be replaced when they run out. Buy it OXO and time sub-intervals and long events with ease.


1. Long timing interval of up to 100 hours

2. Easy to read display

3. Angled face for visibility

4. Non-slip feet that protect surfaces and ensure stability

5. Can be used to time three processes at ago

6. Unique alarm sound


1. Need to use both hands when operating

Check Essential Specs Of OXO 1071501 In The Table Below:

Weight6.4 ounces
Dimension3.75×2.13×2.13 inches
Time range100 hours
Alarm duration30 seconds
Batteries required2 AAA

5. Uigos 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer

With large and clear digits, you can never miss reading the time even when across the room when using Uigos timer. Even for those with eyesight problems, they can never have the challenge of reading the well-displayed digits.  The Uigos come in a pack of two, ensuring you get value for every coin spent. There is an on/off switch that allows you to save power by switching the device off when not in use. Despite the minimum power consumption, it won’t hurt to save more to ensure you do not keep charging batteries now and then.

The good thing is that the device can be used as a timer and stopwatch. It can count up and down for up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Besides, you can quickly set the time by pressing the buttons for 3 seconds to reduce the hassle of having to touch it several. The magnetic back, hook for hanging, and retractable stand ensure you get to place the timer where it is convenient for you.


1. Count up and down for versatility

2. On/switch button for saving power consumption

3. Large and clear digits for easy readability

4. Three placement options

5. Loud alarm

6. 60 days of money guaranteed


1. Doesn’t save time

Check Essential Specs Of UigosSYNCHKG099711 In The Table Below:

Weight2.4 ounces
Dimension9.41x5x0.71 inches
Time range99 minutes 59 seconds
Batteries required2 AA

6. Albayrak Chef Cooking Timer

If you prefer mechanical timers, then Albayrak is the best option available in the market. There are no batteries required, and thus no worry of running out of power at any particular moment. The timer features an attractive design made of stainless steel that charm your kitchen cooking ware with aesthetic addition. Besides, the timer is corrosion-resistant and water-proof, ensuring it serves you well in the kitchen longer.

The alarm is loud and can be heard clearly within a radius of 10 meters, meaning you can hear it from any nearest room in your house. There is no error whatsoever; thus, your cooking will be done precisely as per your settings. Never worry as the timer is easy to use with a 1-year warranty with lifetime support. Order one and have a feel of simplicity, and elegant design Albayrak brings to your kitchen.


1. No batteries are needed

2. Strong magnetic back that allows the timer to be placed on any metallic surface

3. Loud alarm

4. Water-resistant

5. Attractive design

6. Quality sturdy steel construction

7. Perfect gift for mothers


1. May is not easier for kids to read

Check Essential Specs Of Albayrak In The Table Below:

Weight0.634 ounces
Dimension3.11×3.11×1.18 inches
Time range60 minutes
Batteries requiredNo

How A Kitchen Timer Works


What Are The Benefits Of A Kitchen Timer?

The benefits of the kitchen timers are highlighted below:

1. Baking And Cooking Meat

Baked food requires precise timing as undercooked is inedible while overcooked can be rough and hard. The beef also requires proper timing to give tender steak without being overcooked, which can make it lose taste.

2. Boiling Eggs, Making Oats Or Sautéing

These meals do not require much monitoring, but when undercooked, they can be disastrous. A dish such as roux needs perfect timing and timers help in such cases.

3. Avoid Under Or Overcooked Meals

The kitchen timers help you to cook well as it sounds the alarm when the countdown is over. Thus, once you master the cooking skills and you know how long meals take to cook, the timer will do the rest of monitoring the process.

Final Word

Clearly, the best kitchen timer is the perfect way to prepare well-cooked food without having to stand in the kitchen waiting or risking your phone by using it to time. The best thing is that the timers are water-resistant and offer multiple placement options for your convenience. When picking one, you should follow the buyer’s guide provided to get a timer that suits your needs. Any pick from the list guarantees performance and ensures you do not miss that critical alarm sounded after the countdown is over.

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