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Are you looking for a convenient cooker? Well, a hot plate will serve you a great deal. It is perfect for cooking in small rooms and offices. Regardless of it being small-sized, it permits you to prepare quality meals easily. Moreover, you can always carry it along when going on a camping trip.

Cooking on a hot plate is similar to using a gas or an electric cooker. The notable difference is that the plates come in a range of shapes and sizes that will simplify cooking. Therefore, you have to choose either to buy the single or the double burner. This review will assist you in deciding on the one you should buy. Read through for the best hot plate.

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Benefits Of Buying The Top-Rated Hot Plate

The countertop heating surface is a handy heating surface for cooking. It is typically powered by electricity and is often utilized as an alternative for kitchen stoves and convection ovens. Below are the full benefits you will enjoy once you own a countertop plate, familiarize yourself with them, and if you find them worthwhile, be sure to buy a good quality cooker.

Temperature Control

Most portable heating devices come with an adjustable heat setting that will allow you to vary the temperature while cooking. As a result, you will be in a better place to avoid undercooking or overcooking.

Ease Of Use And Cleaning

It is quite simple to utilize the hot surface equipment; all you require is to plug it into the socket then wait for a while for it to heat then place the pan. On the other hand, cleaning it is much simple because you require a wet rag and nonabrasive chemicals to do the job right.

Easy To Transport

Given that the hot surface plate is small-sized, it is easy to carry it while traveling and use it to enjoy hot meals.


Since the countertop plates are substitutes for the usual stoves and ovens, they are not designed to last for long. As a result, you can use it from time to time and not entirely rely on them. For that reason, they are lowly priced and hence affordable.


Hot plates have perfect designs that are simple and hence fixable. In case yours get damaged, you don’t have to rush to buy a new one because you can easily detect the problem and repair it within no time.

Things To Note When Using Hot Surface Plates

1. Whenever you use ahoy surface plate for the first time, it gives off smelly exhausts. The exhausts are a result of the chemicals used to coat them during fabrication. Consequently, you should consider turning it on then go outside to avoid inhaling the exhausts. Also, wait until the putrid smell is gone before you start to prepare your meal, or else your food will smell.

2. Whenever the electric plate reaches the set temperature, it turns off and then turns on when the temperature drops below its preferred level. They do so to save energy and avoid overheating. Thus it will protect your food from burning up. Correspondingly, some of them come with a thermal fuse, which makes the plate turn off as soon as the product starts to overheat.

What To Look For In A Hot Plate

Given the priceless benefits a hot surface plate delivers to its users, you will not want to go wrong when picking the best one. Once you are ready to buy this cooker, there is a list of factors you should put into consideration for you to make a wise decision. Read on to find out what they are and e sure to buy a good quality portable cooker.

Plate Type

Hot plates come in many types depending on their mode of heating,as discussed below.

1. Electric 

Electric plates are the most common ones. They come with their heating element, which permits you to be in charge of the temperatures. They need time to heat up and to cool down after every use.

2. Ceramic 

Ceramic appliances function exceptionally because for you to heat it, you require to place it in a microwave that is at high temperature for at least five minutes.After that, removefrom the microwave, and you can utilize it for an hour before it cools down.

3. Cast Iron

The Cast iron plate requires heating over a heating surface before utilizing it. It is ideal to be used in place of a regular BBQ.

4. Induction

An induction plate is the only one that comes with a cold to touch surface. It heats a pot of food by using magnets. It comes with various features that include the child lock and a timer for shutting down.

5. Propane 

The propane plate is gas-powered. It is the best option if you don’t have electricity. It provides an open flame to heat the pot of food.

Adjustable Heat Setting

An adjustable heat setting is an essential feature in a cooking device. It makes it possible to regulate temperature whenever one is cooking. Given that various recipes come with different cooking methods, some need low heat while others require high temperatures. For proper cooking, you should opt for an appliance that has an adjustable heat setting to allow you to set and reach recommended temperatures.

The Cord Length

For a good quality cooking device, you should consider buying one that has a long cord as possible.  A plate devicethat has the right length that can reach the socket is suitable; therefore, go for one that has the properextentas you want.


Safety is crucial when it comes to buying a portable stove. Commonly, the cooker is very dangerous if mishandled and can end up burning the house. As a result, you should buy one that comes with safety features such as the skid base and stay cool to touch for utility even in the company of children. Also, buy a cooking appliance that has safety switches for increased safety.


The size of the plate cooker you decide to buy is directly proportional to the cooking you wish to carry out. Luckily, portable stoves come in various sizes and shapes so you can choose one that can manage your needs. On the other hand, you need to be aware that the varied sizes come with different features. Accordingly, you should select based on features that accompany the cooker.

Top 6 Hot Plate In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Reviews Of The High-Rated Hot Plate

We have taken a step to feature the top-rated hot surface plates to simplify your course of identifying the best product. Below are the top reviews for the foremost cookers that are currently in the market.

1. IMUSA Single Electric Burner: The Best Portable Hot Plate

If you are looking for the most affordable cooker, IMUSA single electric burner is your perfect choice. It is a lowly priced appliance that makes it an ideal option for buyers on a budget. It is a very convenient heating device to be used outdoors or in the office. The slim space design in IMUSA permits you to save on cooking space, making it possible to cook in small rooms.

This appliance comes with a temperature monitoring knob, which facilitates the regulation of heat during cooking. Correspondingly, with IMUSA burner, you are in a better position to avoid overcooking and undercooking. Furthermore, it has a power indicator light so you can quickly tell when it is on or off.


1. Small and lightweight hence can easily be carried around

2. It has a power indicator light

3. It comes with a temperature regulating knob

4. It has non-slip rubber feet that keep it from sliding

5. It is cheap


1. It comes with a short cord

The Table Below Contains Some Specifics Of IMUSA Single Electric Burner

Weight1.9 pounds
Dimensions3.54 x 9.84 x 9.05 inches
Item model numberGAU-80305
Power1100 Watts
MaterialStainless steel

2. Proctor Silex Electric Single Burner: Best Hot Plate Consumer Reports

Proctor Silex presents a very secure cooker to use in the company of children. It has a light at the front part that tells if the burner is on or off; hence one can easily keep distance if it is on. On the other hand, it consists of non-slip feet that facilitate the cooker to stand firm during use hence reducing the chances of burning due to tumbling hot surfaces.

What is more, it comes with an adjustable temperature knob, which is utilized in varying heat during cooking. Consequently, you can easily adjust the temperature to get the ideal heat that matches your recipe for quality results. Besides, you can easily carry this burner to whichever place that requires cooking since it is small in size.


1. Easy to clean

2. Compact and portable

3. Consists of an adjustable temperature knob

4. Has a light indicator at the front

5. Comes with non-skid feet for stability

6. It is durable and reliable


1. It requires electricity to work

2. It works best only with smaller pans

Here Is A Table Highlighting The Specifications Of Proctor Silex Electric Single Burner

Weight2.2 pounds
Dimensions9.8 x 5.2 x 9.17 inches
Item model number34103
Power1000 Watts
MaterialStainless steel

3.Ovente Single Glass ElectricBurner: Best Electric Hot Plate for Cooking

Ovente is one of the exceptional burners because it utilizes infrared technology. It heats food rapidly and uniformly. Therefore, with this burner, you will never encounter cold spots in food. When it comes to design, the Ovente stove presents a classy model that is simple to transport.

Another critical feature this burner presents is its compatibility with all cookware; thus, you can utilize any pan for cooking. However, for excellent results, consider using flat cookware that will sit well on the burner. Furthermore, this model allows repairs and replacement within the first year of purchase.


1. Compatible with all cookware

2. It has a classic design

3. It is slim and lightweight thus easy to transport

4. Easy to clean

5. It has a one-year warranty


1. The glass is prone to break easily

Check The Specifications Of Ovente Single Glass Electric Burner In The Table Below:

Weight2.4 pounds
Dimensions8.8 x 9.3 x 2.5 inches
Item model numberBGI101S
Power1000 Watts

4.  Aroma Housewares Single: The Best Fast Heating Hot Plate

If you are looking for a burner with improved heating, Aroma Housewares is your option. It has 15% faster heating when it is compared to other plate burners. When it comes to choosing the specific heating temperatures, Aroma Housewares single burner presents four temperature settings that you can easily vary and end up with perfect heat. For that reason, you are assured of meeting the recommended heat of all the dishes you set out to cook.

Apart from giving precise heating, it is easily transferable because of its compactness, so you are sure to carry it along when on camping trips. Besides, it is effortless to wipe up the appliance after cooking since it consists of a black metal finish that enhances cleaning.


1. Easy to clean

2. Gives 15% faster heating

3. It is compact thus portable

4. Has a durable die-cast construction

5. Comes with four temperature settings

6. Has a light on the indicator

7. Gives precise heating temperatures


1. Some say it takes a long time to cool after use

Here Is A Table Featuring The Key Specifications Of Aroma Housewares Single:

Weight3.9 pounds
Dimensions9.4 x 3.1 x 8.5 inches
Item model numberAHP-303
Power1000 Watts

5.  Cuisinart Cast-Iron Double Burner: Best Hot Plate for Cooking

The Cuisinart cast-iron double burner is quite versatile. It comes with an additional stove of 500 watts. As a result, it lets you manage two recipes ago. The plates are constructed of heavy-duty cast iron, which makes the burner durable so you can use it for some time before it wears off.

What is more, is that this burner is composed of two distinct six-setting adjustable temperature knobs for monitoring heat during cooking.  Correspondingly, you are in the best position to avoid burning food. Moreover, it is stable when utilized since it has non-slip feet that give total stability.


1. Heavy-duty cast iron plates hence durable

2. Comes with two separate six-setting adjustable temperature control knobs

3. Has a light on the indicator for safety purposes

4. Consists of non-slide feet

5. It has a powerful 1800 watts of power for rapidly heating the food.


1. Some users have complained of the plates being too close

Belowis A Table Of The Specifications Of The Cuisinart Cast-Iron Double Burner:

Weight10.6 pounds
Dimensions11.5 x 19.5 x 2.5 inches
Item model numberCB-60P1
Power1300 Watts for a large plate and 500 Watts for a small plate
MaterialStainless steel

6. DuxtopInduction Burner: Best Hot Plate for Boiling Water

The Duxtop induction burner comes with high energy efficiency. Therefore, it is perfect for meeting all your cooking needs faster. When you talk of compatibility, it is ideal for all magnetic cookware. You should think of utilizing pans that have at least five inches on this burner because it provides a broad base that sits well for uniform heat distribution. On the other hand, it is best to boil water quickly.

This burner comes with a child safety lock, which ensures the heating and timer settings are not altered once you have set them. As a result, it is a perfect appliance to own if you have kids.  Furthermore, it is small-sized, so it is easy to handle and store.


1. It is compact hence portable

2. Has high energy efficiency

3. It is compatible with all magnetic pans

4. It comes with a child lock function


1. It cannot be used with non-magnetic pans

Below Is A Table With The Specifications Of The Duxtop Induction Burner:

Weight7.3 pounds
Dimensions14 x 11.4 x 2.5 inches
Item model numberBT-200DZ
Power1800 Watts

How To Use A Hot plate


Q: How Do You Clean The Cooker?

To effectively clean the portable cooking plate, use a sponge and soapy water. Softly rub the plates for a while to clean them thoroughly. If your plate has rust, take two tablespoons of baking soda and mix it with half a cup of vinegar, then use it to clean the cooking surface. Use the sponge to scrub till the rust is all gone. 

Q: How Do You Cook On A Hot Plate?

To prepare meals efficiently on hot surface plates, follow the steps below.

1. To start with, place your pan over the cooker.
2. Then plug in the movable plate and set it on moderate heat.
3. As the pan gets hot, you can begin adding the ingredients.
4. Then cook your meal as per the recipe
5. As soon as your meal is ready, withdraw the pan from the hot surface and switch off the power source.

Q: What Happens If You Leave The Cooker On?

If you ever leave a cooker on, it will get extremely hot. The stove will then have a higher possibility of getting damaged and more likely to set the objects close by on fire.

Q: Are Hot Plates Safe?

Whenever you heat flammable liquids using a plate cooker, purpose to open windows for adequate airflow so that you avoid explosions, typically portable hot surfaces are not 100% explosion-free. Therefore, when using it, be very careful and do not use high temperatures to heat the low boiling point liquids. 

Q: Is A Hot Plate The Same As A Stove?

Typically, a stove uses up as much power as a hot plate of its size. However, the latter is not that much efficient; thus, it cooks slowly; for example, it boils milk slowly. The only type of hot surface device that works efficiently is the induction plates

Q: Do Hot Plates Need To Be Plugged In?

It is a must you plug in the cord of a portable stove. Never use extension cords because it is not recommended to modify the power supplied to them. You must place it far from combustible objects and walls for safety.

Q: What Do You Use A Hot Plate For?

Usually, a hot surface appliance is used as a substitute for a kitchen stove and oven. Nevertheless, you can use it as a stand-alone equipment. It is often accompanied by one or two burners to facilitate your cooking demands. 

Q: How Do Hot Plates Work?

A hot surface device consists of an electrical wire that is right inside the compacted metal coils. Whenever you turn the knob on, power travels through the wire and then heats the coils turning it red hot. The heat is then passed onto the pan or pot on the plate

Q: What Issues Should Students Be Aware Of When Working With A Hot Plate?

When working with a hot surface cooker consider the following precautions;

1. Turn off the plate as well as the power source whenever it is not in use.

2. Always make sure the electrical cords and the temperature sensor probes never come in touch with the hot surface.

Final Take

Undoubtedly, as soon as you buy the best hot plate, you will have a higher chance of regulating the temperatures you use for heating food. For that priceless ability, you should check out a plate that has varied temperature settings for the best heat regulation. With adjustable heat monitoring knob, you will be able to avoid overcooked and undercooked food. If you wish to cook more than one meal, buy a plate that has two burners.

What is more, consider buying a countertop heating plate that has user-friendly features. For instance, the child locks function will prevent changes in the set temperatures. Think of acquiring a cooker that has non-slip feet for total stability during cooking. Also, consider the hot surface plate that has a light-on indicator for it to quickly remind you when the appliance is on and needs to be switched off. Read through each product to find more about the features that accompany them for you to settle for the best appliance. The ones reviewed guarantee top-performance and thus pick on and enjoy your cooking.

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