Best Fruit Picker of 2022 Reviewed (With Hidden Resources)

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Are you tired of climbing a ladder to pluck fruits? Have you been looking for Best Fruit Picker an easier way to pick your fruits? If the answer to these questions is yes, you have come to the right place.

A fruit picker is a convenient and stress-free way to pluck fruits using the equipment. Picking fruits by climbing a tree or ladder is a risky and dangerous endeavor. Using a fruit picker is safe and gets the fruits fresh without any damage. It is also a very convenient option.

What is a Fruit Picker?

A fruit picker is an electric machine that is designed to make the task of harvesting fruits and vegetables easier. It can be used to harvest many types of crops such as avocados, strawberries, grapes, etc. Fruit pickers are great for people who have back pain and other disabilities.

Electric Fruit Pickers – A Few Reasons Why You Should Buy One

There are a few reasons why you should buy one:

Electric fruit pickers are a great, eco-friendly solution for harvesting your produce at home. They are also the perfect way to take advantage of the back-to-school season to pick up a few more fruits and vegetables.

Firstly, electric fruit pickers are much easier to use than manual ones. They make picking fruit and vegetables an easy process that is no different than you would find at any grocery store.

Secondly, these machines don’t require heavy lifting or bending over which makes them perfect for anyone who has physical limitations or mobility issues.

Lastly, electric picking machines not only save money on produce but also extend the shelf life of fruits and veggies which means you can save more and eat healthier!

Top 10 Best Fruit Picker Reviewed

Because there are hundreds of fruit pickers in the market, choosing the right picker can be very complicated. This article is meant to make it easy for you. Read on as we make a thorough review of the 10 best fruit pickers after our 30 hours of research.

1. Ohuhu Fruit Picker Tool (Best Telescopic Fruit Picker)

If you are looking for the best fruit picker, look no further than the Ohuhu Fruit Picker. The picker is sturdy and it does not bend. With this picker, you no longer need to risk your life climbing a ladder. The fruit picker comes with a metal basket that is well padded to protect the fruits from damage. It is 13ft high. The telescopic handle can be adjusted to reach different tree heights. 


1. Telescopic pole – The pole is made strong. There is no fear of it breaking. It is made with aluminum for sturdiness and durability. You can use it repeatedly without any fatigue.

2. Ease to use – Raise the fruit picker, hook the fruit to the prongs, and gently pull.

3. Padded metal basket – Your fruits won’t get damaged since the metal basket is well couched underneath to protect the fruits.

4. 13 feet long picker – You can get any fruit no matter the height. The fruit picker can reach 13 feet. To extend the height, just unlock the yellow locking buckle, extend, and lockdown.

5. Ultra-lightweight – This fruit picker is not heavy. It is very light. There is no pain or strain with this tool.


1. Convenient to use

2. Basket is replaceable in case of damage

3. Durable

4. Quality construction

5. Bruise-free fruit


1. It cannot be used for cherries because of their small size.

2. Abco Tech Fruit Picker Tool (Most Lightweight Picker)

Harvest fresh fruits quickly and easily with the Abco Tech Fruit Picker. This telescopic fruit picker does not bend or break because it is made from aluminum.  The prongs help you to target and pick fruits with minimal effort. The best part of it is that it is rust-free and water-resistant. It has a metal basket where the plucked fruits drop into. The metal basket has a soft cushioning pad to make every fruit bruise-free.     Use the tool picker to pick fruits such as oranges, lemons, apples, avocados, mangoes, and more. With the telescopic design, you can reach for any fruits within 13 feet of height. Easily adjust the tool picker in three steps to reach any height. It is ultra-light making it safe to use for children.


1. Ease of assembly and use – The tool is easy to assemble. Follow the instructions provided for a quick assembly. A flat head screwdriver is needed. 

2. Ultra-light – Made from aluminum, the tool picker is extra light. It is lighter than fiberglass and wood pole. You don’t feel any strains using this equipment

3. Bruise-free fruits – Using this tool picker causes no damage to the fruits. The metal basket has a cushion base to make every fruit bruise-free.

4. Extendable fruit picker –The handle is telescopic and can be extended in just three steps to reach any angle. Unlock, extend and lock the tool with the yellow buckle

5. Durable – This tool is durable and made to last long because it is made from aluminum.


1. Easy to use

2. Travel-friendly

3. Lightweight

4. Unbreakable design

5. Sturdy


1. The basket detaches from the pole sometimes

3. Flexrake LRB 190 Fruit Picker (Best Bruise Free Fruits Picker)

You can now pick your fruits with ease with the Flexrake LRB 190. It comes with a fiberglass handle that is telescopic and extends up to 12 feet. The metal basket has a pad to protect the fruit from being damaged. This basket is large enough to hold five oranges at the same time. It is easy to use. Turn it counterclockwise to loosen the hand, extend it, and turn clockwise to tighten it. The fruit picker is very lightweight and durable. Now you can harvest your fruits without the risk of climbing a ladder. 


1. Bruise-free fruits – Pick your fruits as fresh as they are without any bruises or damage. The wired basket comes with a cushion to keep fruits safe

2. Telescoping pole – The fruit picker is made telescopic for your convenience. Easily extend it to reach any fruit no matter how high.

3. Metal basket – The 10 gauge metal basket is well welded for durability. It is also vinyl coated to prevent moisture and harsh weather conditions

4. Solid construction – You don’t experience any strains when you use the tool. It doesn’t bend or break.

5. Twist locking mechanism – The mechanism allows you to extend the pole in three steps – unlock the pole, extend the height, and lock it.


1. Great design

2. Durable and lightweight

3. Easy to use

4. Sturdy

5. Heavy-duty basket


1. It is not ideal for picking coconuts and cherries 

4. Eversprout 13-Foot Fruit Picker (Best Long Tree Fruit Picker)

Grab the best fruits from any height with the 13 feet Eversprout Fruit Picker. It comes with a twist functionality to provide a quick and reliable attachment to the basket head. Its construction is sturdy yet lightweight. The design makes it easy to use allowing you to pluck fruits for hours without any fatigue or strain. This fruit picker comes already assembled to save you time. It is the ideal tool that you need whether you run a large-scale orchard or a new fruit tree owner. The handle grips are padded for extra comfort. The pole is made with aluminum for extra durability. The twist-on basket is made from stainless steel making it rust-free. It comes with a bonus carrying bag. 


1. Pre-assembled – The fruit picker is preassembled. This reduces the stress of assembling and saves time

2. 13 feet – When fully extended, it can reach 13 feet. This means a total of 20 feet altogether.

3. Sturdy construction – Its construction is made to last. The pole is made from aluminum while the basket is made from stainless steel to give you a durable fruit picker

4. Lightweight design – Children can use this tool because it is ultra-light. The foam-padded hand grips protect you from fatigue while the foam-padded basket protects the fruits from damage

5. Multifunctional – This is a highly multifunctional tool picker. It can be used to pick mangoes, apples, avocadoes, grapefruits, lemons, limes, pears, etc.


1. Telescoping handle

2. Durable construction

3. Easy to use

4. Comfortable 

5. Reliable and secure attachment 


1. The basket is too small 

5. Bond Manufacturing 9164 Wood Handle Fruit Harvester

If you are tight on budget but want a functional fruit picker, this is your best bet. This is a tool with a wooden handle and a metal basket.  There is a metal sleeve to attach the poles for an extended reach. This is part of the assembly. This tool is made with top-quality material for great durability. 


1. Strong basket construction – The heavy wire construction of the basket makes it sturdy and durable

2. 8 feet long – With two attached poles, this tool helps to get to hard-to-reach areas

3. Cushion basket – The basket is well cushioned to prevent fruits from being bruised or damaged

4. Affordable – It is cheap and pocket-friendly when compared with other fruit pickers

5. Easy to use – Minimal effort is needed to pick fruits. Children can use it too. 


1. Prevents bruising of fruits

2. Colourful vinyl-coated head for durability

3. Easy to assemble

4. Comfortable to use

5. Very strong


1. It is a bit heavy

6. Professional Metal Fruit Picker (Best Sturdy Fruit Picker)

Reach for fruits of 15 feet without a ladder with the Professional Metal Fruit Picker. It comes with a telescoping handle. The tough-grade tool has a metal handle that is extendable by 8 feet. Easily pick bruise-free fruits using the padded basket made of metal for unparalleled durability. The basket has a pull style that makes picking fruits an effortless endeavor. When extended, the pole is 15 feet high. Now, you can reach any fruits without the hassle of climbing a ladder. 


1. Telescoping handle – This tool is easy and convenient to use with its telescoping handle. Extend the pole in three steps – unlock, extend, and lock.

2. Durable – Pole is made from metal and PVC coated to make it durable for long-lasting use

3. 8 feet long – You can reach any height without strains with 8 feet extension; making a total of 15 feet

4. Easy to use – You don’t have to apply too much effort to pick the fruits. Just grab a fruit and pull. It is that easy.

5. Cushion basket – The metal basket has a cushion that is gentle on all fruits 


1. Telescoping pole

2. Comfortable to use

3. Ease of assembly

4. Grab-and-pull action

5. Sturdy build


1. No instructions provided for assembly

7. Corona FP 2312 Extendable Fruit Picker

Pluck fruits effortlessly with the Corona Fruit Picker. The extendable pole is hassle-free. Made of aluminum, the pole is durable and sturdy. It can reach a height of 12 feet maximum. You can reach any fruit no matter where it is hidden. It comes with a powder-coated basket to resist rust and corrosion. This makes it long-lasting requiring little or no maintenance. The basket is 5.5 feet deep; meaning it is large enough to hold a lot of fruits at once. The foam cushion of the basket reduces damage to the fruits.


1. Telescoping handle – The handle can be extended easily to 12 feet. Unlock, extend and lock it in place.

2. Easy to use – Just twist the fruit when it is in-between the prongs and pull gently

3. Powder-coated basket – The basket is made of metal and powder coated to make it free from corrosion and rust

4. Deep basket – The basket is 5.5 inches deep; meaning it has plenty of storage space for more fruits 

5. Cushion foam – Fruits are well protected from bruises due to the well-padded cushion foam 


1. Bruise-free

2. Durable and lightweight

3. Comfortable handle

4. Great quality

5. Rust-resistance basket   


1. You have to apply a lot of pulling force 

8. Sandegoo Fruit Picker Tool

While this tool does not reach out like others, it, however, has a strong build. It reaches 8 feet. Its stainless threaded rod is lightweight and safe to use. The finger-like prongs make fruit harvesting super easy. There are two reinforcing rings to firmly integrate the head with the pole. You can easily remove the head to fix another pole for an extended reach. The basket is made of metal and has a large capacity to contain more fruits. There is soft white foam at the bottom of the basket to prevent fruits from being damaged.    


1. Easy to install – This tool is super easy to install. You just need to tighten the main to make it firm 

2. Storage space – The basket has enough storage. It is 9 inches deep

3. Padded cushion – Fruits are plucked undamaged because the basket has a cotton cushion to protect the fruits 

4. Solid construction – The pole is made from aluminum which makes it durable and sturdy 

5. Finger-like prongs – The design of the prongs make it easy to harvest fruits with ease.


1. Easy to use

2. Convenient and comfortable

3. Large basket capacity

4. Twist-on basket

5. Ultra-lightweight


1. Short height 

9. Fly Hawk Fruit Picker (Most Durable Pick)

This is an amazing fruit picking tool. It is designed with finger-like prongs for easy plucking of your favorite fruit. This fruit picker clinically picks fruits without bruises due to the buffer cotton placed at the bottom of the metal basket. The handle is made of stainless steel to guarantee its durability. The tool does not bend or break. Installation is super easy. Lock the basket to the pole tightly with the double loop lock. The basket has a large capacity to contain more fruits depending on the size of the fruit. 


1. Built to last –The fruit picker is sturdy and durable because it is produced from stainless steel. 

2. Foam padded and twist-on basket – The twist-on feature easily helps to pick the fruits while the padded basket protects the fruits from bruises.

3. Multifunctional tool – This tool can be effectively used to pick avocados, oranges, limes, grapefruit, apples, apricot, etc.

4. Easy to assemble – Use a screwdriver to tighten the thread firmly so the basket and pole can be secure.

5. Lightweight – Despite being made from stainless steel, this tool picker is extra light. It is safe to use by children and old people


1. Strong and durable

2. Comfortable to use

3. Safe 

4. Ease of installation

5. Quality tool


1. The handle is not telescopic

10. Coconut Fruit Picker Tool

Not too many fruit picker is purposely designed for coconut. If you are a coconut farmer or a coconut tree owner, this tool is the right tool for you. It is multifunctional. It doesn’t only pick coconuts; it can pick other fruits such as orange, pawpaw, mango, avocado, grapefruit, and many more. The telescopic handle allows you to reach for the fruit with the highest height. Installing the fruit picker is so easy. There are two hose clamps and an anti-pull-out screw to firmly connect to the basket to the pole. The bruise-free pad placed at the bottom of the metal basket protects fruits from being bruised. The pole is made from stainless steel making it sturdy. It doesn’t bend or break. This tool is available in three sizes – 5.5, 8, and 13 feet.


1. Ease of assembly – Assembling this tool is a snap. Screw up the pole and the basket with two hose clamps using a screwdriver and that is all

2. Telescopic handle – The handle can get to any fruit no matter where it is hidden. Extend the handle in just three steps to reach any height.

3. Cushion basket – Your fruits should be prevented from bruises and damage. This is why the tool comes with a cushion.

4. Durable and lightweight – Easily use the fruit picker without entertaining the fear of it breaking or bending. The pole is produced from stainless steel guaranteeing its durability.

5. Large capacity basket – The basket is large. It can contain a lot of fruits without breaking because it is made of metal.


1. Easy to use

2. Comfortable

3. Safe

4. Quick assembly

5. Sturdy construction


1. None

Buying Guide Of Best Fruit Picker

Picking the right fruit picker is not as easy as you think. There are a few things to consider when choosing a fruit picker. This buyer’s guide will guide you in making a good choice.

1. Adjustability

Trees come in different sizes. This is the reason why you need an adjustable tool that can reach both low and high heights. Ensure you get a tool with a telescoping handle. A telescopic fruit picker makes the picking of fruits convenient and easy

2. Weight

This is another important consideration. If you don’t want to go down with pains or strain, it makes sense to avoid a heavy fruit picker. It will bring discomfort. Look for an extremely lightweight tool. A lightweight picker will be comfortable and safe to use by children and old people.

3. Length

The length of the picker you want to buy will depend on the length of the tree. Have an idea of the length and add 3 feet extra because a tree never stops growing. This will save you some money.

4.  Basket size

Ensure you get a tool with a large capacity. You should be able to store as many fruits as possible in the basket while picking the fruits. The basket must also be cushioned to prevent the fruits from damage. Preferably, choose a basket made of metal compared to plastic.

5. Materials

The most important thing is the materials used in making the fruit picker. Extension poles now come in stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and plastic. It makes sense to choose a tool made of stainless steel or aluminum for its durability and sturdiness. It is also lightweight. The basket is usually made in metal but others are made of vinyl or plastic. Always choose a basket made of metal.

6. Price

Prices of fruit pickers will depend on the material and length. The prices range from $20 to $82. Look for a tool that is within your budget that suits your needs. Something that is pocket-friendly but durable.

7. Ease of assembly

A fruit picker requires assembly. So, you have to look for a tool that is very easy to assembly. Most of them have hose clamps to firmly put the pole and basket in place.

Comparing the Benefits of Manual vs. Powered Fruit Pickers

  • Manual picking is not always the best option. And powered fruit pickers can be used in some cases, as they are more efficient and productive.
  • The benefits of manual picking are that it’s much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than powered picking. However, it’s also a lot slower when compared to the power picking machine, which makes it less efficient and productive.
  • Manual picking is slow and difficult, but powered picking saves time and increases the amount of fruit harvested.
  • Manual picking is a process that was initially created for people who were physically unable to do any other work. It is an outdated concept that has been replaced by powered picking in the modern age. The reason for this change was the increase in harvesting efficiency; as manual fruit picking can be up to 3 times slower than powered harvesting. Another benefit of powered harvesting is that it decreases agricultural labor costs due to how quickly it can pick multiple rows of crops at once.
  • A recent study has shown that manual fruit picking may actually be more harmful than beneficial for both the farmworkers and their employers because of the injuries caused by this type of work. The research found that agricultural injuries have increased substantially from 1.5% to 5% in some regions since the introduction of this type of work, with an estimated average injury rate as high as 19%.


A tool picker is a necessity if you have a backyard with fruit-bearing trees or an orchard. You don’t have to face the risk of climbing a ladder to pick fruits with their attendant danger. A fruit picker makes life easy and comfortable. There is no doubt choosing one out of the 10 best fruit pickers will be a lot of headaches. This is why our 22 hours of research have prompted some recommendations to help you make an informed choice. We recommend the Ohuhu Fruit Picker Tool for its extra sturdiness and durability. The Coconut Fruit Picker Tool is another tool you won’t regret. Any of these tools will make the best fruit picker for long-lasting use.

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