Best Food Mill In 2021 |Top Reviews and Buyers’ Guide

Are you looking for a machine that can help you manage most of your recipes? Well, if this is your case, a mill is your best option. You can utilize it to prepare baby purees, tomato sauce, creamy soups, and mashed potatoes. Its design allows you to sieve the milled food leaving behind skins and seeds.

There are several models of mills that allow you to refine different foods and meet your favorite recipes easily. On the other hand, they differ in designs and features that make choosing the ideal one quite a dilemma. Luckily, this piece of writing features all you require to make a well-informed choice. Read on and familiarize yourself with the criteria of choosing a good quality food mill that is worth every coin invested.

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Benefits Of Owning A Good Quality Food Mill

The food refiner has a bowl that holds food in place for processing. It also consists of a crank that crashes food as you twist its handle. Moreover, it is accompanied by hooks or clips that are used to grip it on a large pot to secure it and prevent slipping when grinding food. Once you obtain a mill, you will find it easy to manage your kitchen tasks. Below are some incredible benefits you will take delight in as soon as you start working a mill.

1. Versatility

A food machine is convenient for grinding and pureeing foods, for example, fruits and vegetables. It helps you prepare several recipes such as; creamy soups, tomato sauce, baby foods, and mashed potatoes.

2. Saves Time And Energy

If you think about the time you will take to hand peel fruits or potatoes; you will appreciate that a mill device lets you save a lot of time. The food tool simply crushes either your fruits or vegetables within seconds and permits only the pulp to pass through the perforated discs leaving behind the skins and seeds.

3. Easy And Simple

The mill has a straightforward design, so it is super easy and straightforward to work it. As a result, anyone can operate.

The Criteria for Choosing a Good Quality Food Mill

Given the great benefits a food tool delivers in the kitchen, it is essential to make a careful selection and end up paying for a perfect mill that will last for a long. Therefore, what do you look for in a mill for handling your cooking tasks? Keep reading to find out.

1. Size

The size of a mill is fundamental since it influences the yield you will get. It is good to buy a large mill so that you have enough space to hold the food and, more so, leave a space for your crank to work. Large capacity mills let you finish your task in either one or two batches. Another thing, it prevents spillage as you grind. Correspondingly, it is essential to buy large-sized mills.

2. Blade

Considering that the slope of a blade affects the clearance of milled products through the disk, it is essential to buy one that is gently sloped. If you buy a blade that is too steep, your food will get pressed at the back of the blade and not get milled. Nonetheless, you ought to select a mill that has some space amid the blade and the bottom disc to permit milled to fall on the disc then pass through onto the bowl. 

3. Handles, Cranks, And Hooks

Mills usually have elongated and sturdy handles because you are required to hold it while milling. The handles are either made up of metals or plastic that corresponds to what the holding bowl is constructed of. Handles may come with either rubberized or wooden surfaces for enhanced gripping. 

Another critical aspect of a mill is hooked. Several mills come with hooks that are typically called legs. These legs are attached around the mill’s perimeter, and they work to facilitate the steadiness of mill over the bowl or pot when milling. Hooks are essential to prevent the mill from slipping when processing food.

When it comes to assessing the crank of a mill, you should opt for one that is not too tight or rough; otherwise, you will have to put a lot of effort when milling.

4. Discs

On most occasions, mills come with interchangeable discs. However, some mills come with one disc. Therefore, you should buy according to the tasks you wish to accomplish with a mill; for example, if you want to produce food of various textures, you ought to buy a mill that comes with several discs. The mill should be easy to take apart for cleaning and easy to reassemble

5. Ease Of Use, Handling And Storing

Mills should be easy to detach for cleaning and simple to reassemble. The majority of the mills are dishwasher safe. However, it is advisable to hand wash for prolonged life.

You should consider compacted mills because they occupy less space and are easy to store. Also, go for the one that has holes or hooks so that you hang it easily whenever you are not using it.

Tips On Using And Cleaning A Mill

How To Use

Firstly, slice up the product you wish to mill into small cubes

Secondly, put little amounts of sliced food into the mill at a time to permit your mill to function efficiently. Always avoid filling up the mill for better mashing.

Thirdly, start rotating the crank, and in case you experience disc blockage, turn the crank backward for a little bit. This will permit the blade to scrape off the contents on the disc, which on most occasions, are seeds and skins, and hence clear the holes. Then precede milling.

Lastly, once you are done milling, scrape off the bottom of the disc since thicker mashed products accumulate there.

How To Clean

For proper mill cleaning, draw the holding pinout and begin by hand washing the disc and blade. Then proceed to clean the bowl too.

Note: Make sure you clean the mill after every use to prevent ground food from getting stuck on the mill.

Top 6 Food Mill In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Reviews Of The Highly Reviewed Food Mills

Having looked at the several factors you have to put into consideration at the time you are selecting a mill, you may find it tiresome to pick one that is of good quality. For that reason, we have gone a notch higher and featured the top-rated mills to make things easier for you when buying a mill for your kitchen.

Here are the reviews for the top mills that are currently available in the market;

1. OXO Good Grips: Best Food Mill For Hot Sauce

The OXO Good Grips is the perfect equipment for hot foods. It is constructed of stainless steel, making it resistant to stains. It consists of three grinding discs that are used one at a time to prepare food in three distinctive natures, which are fine, medium, and coarse. It is quite easy to exchange and disassemble the discs of this tool as it has a spring-loaded lever.

Another important feature that increases the workability of OXO Good Grips is the three non-slip legs. This feature ensures a secure position over pots up to eleven inches in diameter. As a result, the device doesn’t fall as you operate. Furthermore, the legs easily fold so you can put them away once you are done processing food.


1. Constructed of stainless steel hence it is durable

2. It consists of 3 non-slip legs that offer better grip when milling food

3. Legs are easily foldable thus facilitating storage

4. It has a simple spring-loaded lever that eases disc exchange and detaching.

5. The steel bowl is perfect for hot food

6. It offers repair and replacement in case you experience issues with your machine.


1. It requires a manual effort to remove seeds from processed food.

Below Are The Specifications Of OXO Good Grips

Weight3.1 pounds
Dimension14.75 x 7.25 x 10.25 inches
MaterialStainless steel
Item model number1071478

2. Roots & Branches Food Strainer: Best Manual Food Mill

Root and Branches offers a superior durable food strainer. Its body is made up of sturdy aluminum. It is accompanied by stainless steel that is easy to install, so it is straightforward to operate. This machine has a handle that permits the manual processing of food. On the other hand, the handle allows substitution with an electric motor. Therefore, you can alternatively process food automatically.

The Root and Branches filter comes with a secure mount that ensures proper clamping on surfaces. Correspondingly, you will never experience machine tumbling when milling your tomatoes. Moreover, it comes with an instructional guide that you can always refer to and avoid making mistakes when handling the device.


1. Offers superior durability due to it being constructed of robust aluminum

2. It consists of a secure mount that ensures a firm grip on clamping surfaces

3. It can either be operated manually or automatically

4. It comes with a long spiral for ease of loading food and an instructional manual

5. It offers a full 1-year warranty


1. Its food bowl is made of plastic, so it is not ideal for hot food.

Here Is A Brief Of The Specifications Of Root And Branches Food Strainer;

Weight4.19 pounds
Dimension7.6 x 14.25 x 9 inches
Body materialAluminum
Bowl materialPlastic
Item model number811957010154

3. RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel: Best Food Mill Stainless Steel

The RSVP International Endurance is a very versatile mill. You can use it for mashing, straining, and grating both fruits and vegetables. It is made up of hygienic and resistant stainless steel. Therefore, it lasts longer.

This food machine is accompanied by three exchangeable stainless steel discs; thus, it permits the processing of food into fine, medium, and coarse texture. Considering the diverse textures it yields, you can easily meet various recipes. Nevertheless, it recommends hand washing for the body, which works favorably to sustain the wooden handle.


1. Its disks are dishwasher safe

2. It is accompanied by three interchangeable discs for milling food to various textures.

3. It is enduring since it is made up of stainless steel.

4. It is versatile in milling various fruits and vegetables; for example, it mashes potatoes and makes tomato sauces.


1. On first washing, its measurements get washed off

Here Is A Brief Of The RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Specifics;

Weight1 pound
Dimension7.75 x 7.75 x 4.25 inches       
Body materialStainless steel
Bowl materialStainless steel
Item model numberFDML

4. Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Mill: Best Baby Food Mill Grinder

If you are looking for a mill to prepare puree for your baby easily, Greens sprouts is your best choice. It not only prepares puree but also removes both the seeds and skins, making your work easier. It is compact-sized; consequently, it occupies less space in your kitchen cabinet.

The Greens sprouts consist of a built-in serving bowl that keeps the puree from spilling.  This mill is suitable for small batches, so it greatly permits your baby to enjoy freshly made purees. Another important aspect is that the Greens mill can operate without batteries or electricity. For that reason, it is a great device to keep in your kitchen.


1. Easily makes purees for baby

2. It separates seeds and skins while making puree

3. It is compact sized hence easily stored

4. It is efficient for small batches allowing you to make fresh puree each time for your baby

5. It doesn’t require batteries or electricity to operate.

6. It is a BPA-Free device


1. Some users have reported that it has a smaller mouth than other mills.

Here Is A Brief Of The Greens Sprouts’ Specifics;

Weight9.6 ounces
Dimension5.2 x 8 x 8 inches       
MaterialBPA-Free plastic
Item model number182300-560-00

5. Mirro 50024 Foley Stainless Steel: Best Kitchen Food Mill

Mirro offers the best mill that you can easily present to your friend. It comes packed in a gift box.  This mill is efficient for mashing, straining, rasping, and ricing, so it is quite convenient for preparing food. It is made up of stainless steel which guarantees you to have a lasting machine that handles both hot and cold food.

The Mirro mill is composed of features that improve its utility. For instance, the bottom clips steadily grip any container you use while processing food. What is more, it yields soft purees that are free from skins, seeds, and stems.


1. It is perfect for preparing natural and healthy purees

2. It yields soft purees

3. Its stainless steel construction assures durability

4. It can process either cold or hot food

5. Its bottom clips facilitate a firm grip that allows efficient processing


1. It needs periodic cleaning since it is prone to clogging food on its underside           

Here Is A Brief Of The Specifics Of Mirro 50024 Foley;

Weight1.85 pounds
MaterialStainless steel
Item model number2100043386

6. Weston Food Strainer and Sauce Maker:Best Food Mill for Tomatoes

Weston offers an exclusive food strainer. It comes with a stomper that permits safe inducement of pressure as you process food. On the other hand, it has an extra-large hopper that holds the right amount of either fruits or vegetables as they wait for processing.

Another feature that doesn’t go unappreciated is the dual mount system that gives steadiness on the suction cup base or c-clamp. Steadiness is essential for the smooth processing of tomatoes or any other vegetables. Nonetheless, this machine comes with additional screen sizes that are perfect for processing grapes and salsas.


1. It separates skins and seeds from the pulp giving smooth purees

2. It comes with a stomper for applying safe pressure

3. It consists of a dual-mount that permits firmness when processing

4. It comes with additional sized screens for processing other fruits

Here Is A Brief Of The Weston Food Strainer Specifics;

Weight5.55 pounds
Dimension7.9 x 12.9 x 14.9 inches         
MaterialStainless steel
Item model number07-0801

How To Use A Food Mill


Q: What Does A Food Mill Do?

Amill is an aged kitchen device. Its design is partly a strainer and a masher. Whenever you are crushing foodstuff, it gets forced up through a disc that has perforations. As the food passes through the perforated disc, its seeds and skins are separated.

Q: Do I Need A Mill To Make Tomato Sauce?

Yes, a food machine will significantly aid you in making tomato sauce. All you have to do is situate your device over a large bowl and start working your tool. The significant bowl function is to hold the tomato pulp.

Q: How Does A Food Mill Work?

Amill can either work manually or automatically. The manual one has a handle and requires no batteries or electricity to process. On the other hand, the automatic one must be powered, and on most occasions, it is by electricity so that it can function. Both mills have grinding plates that are attached to the crank. As you work the machine by turning the crank, your food is crushed down and forced through the perforated disc. You can always use a perforated disc that meets your texture target; for instance, if you want fine-textured yield, you need to attach a fine disc.

Q: Does A Mill For Food Remove Potato Skins?

A food tool usually removes potato skins. However, when you process unpeeled potatoes, you will encounter intermittent processing due to the skins blocking the disc perforations. As a result, you have to stop periodically to clean out the skins then continue processing

Q: How Do You Use A Food Mill For Tomato Sauce?

To make tomato sauce follows the steps as highlighted below;

1. Slice the tomatoes into chunks
2. Proceed to scrape some of the tomatoes chunks into the mill. 
3. Then start twisting its handle if it is a manual mill to get the processing going. Otherwise, if it is an automatic mill, you will require turning on the power. 
4. The process will force out the tomato pulp through the perforated disc while the seeds and skins would be left behind.
5. Finally, pour the tomato pulp into a bowl.

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Food Mill And A Food Processor?

Amill device usually extracts seeds, skins, and stems from foodstuff, but a food processor tool crumbles the entire foodstuff, and all the constituents in a portion of food end up in the final yield. Therefore, the food processed by a food processor tastes contrary to the one prepared by a mill because seeds and skins influence the taste.

Q: Can I Use A Food Mill For Mashed Potatoes?

To get the fluffiest yield out for a mill when mashing potatoes.  Using a mill will take a while to give you your desired mashed potatoes. The good thing with a mill is that it consists of perforations that hold potato skins, so you are free to use unpeeled potatoes.

Q: Can You Use A Food Mill To Rice Potatoes?

Any other equipment used to mash potatoes affects the final yield texture. A food machine works best in mashing potatoes to attain a fluffy texture.

Final Take

As soon as you buy the best food mill, you will find it easy to mash the fruits and vegetables. The presence of interchangeable discs greatly affects the texture of your milled product. As a result, if you wish to process foods into various compositions, consider buying a mill that is accompanied by several discs. For efficient milling, go for biggerproducts and avoid piling up the mill with products when mashing to limit spillage. Also, you should go for mills whose handles have either rubberized or wooden surfaces to have a better grip while working the mill.

What is more, consider buying a food device that has hooks or clips. The clips and hooks further compliment the steadiness of a mill during mashing as they attach the mill onto the bowl. Moreover, you should always choose the best device for efficient processing. We have simplified your work by highlighting the highly-ratedmills.Accordingly, you can easilypick from the above. With any of the featured ones, we assure you to love mashing forever and meet your recipe needs.

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