Best Folding Wagons Of 2022 (Reviews, Types & Buying Guide)

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Are you looking for a way to transport your goods or items from one location to another? If yes, what you need is the Best Folding Wagons.

If you don’t have a car or truck, a folding wagon is a cheap and affordable means of transporting heavy items from one place to the other with ease.

What Is a Folding Wagon?

A folding wagon is a type of wheeled vehicle that can be folded for storage or transportation. They are similar to a suitcase, but they are often more compact due to their design features. The most common type of folding wagon is the childhood toy, and they are commonly used as a mode of transportation for children because they are so lightweight.

This is a folding wagon that was introduced in the 18th century to help farmers carry their farm tools and collected crops from the field. In the 19th century, the folding-wagons were used by the military as a means of transporting materials.

This term usually refers to a small wagon with two upright sides that can be folded down so that it doesn’t take up any extra space in storage when not in use. It’s also known as a folding dolly, folding pull cart, or collapsible pushcart.

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What are the types of a Folding Wagon?

The folding wagon is a type of two-wheeled vehicle that is typically used for carrying cargo. The wagon can be folded or unfolded, and it resembles a traditional cart with the canopy over the front wheel.

The three types of folding wagons are:

a) Foldable Folding Wagon: The foldable folding wagon has an off-road design. It has a folding frame and can be unfolded in less than 30 seconds. These are most commonly seen in Africa where they are used to haul goods from marketplaces and villages to urban areas with ease.

b) Regular Folding Wagon: These regular folding wagons have an on-road design and are seen mostly in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. They have a shoulder harness for loading purposes and can carry up to 500 pounds of luggage. They are also used in Europe to transport goods around the country and are a popular residential option.

c) Utility Folding Wagon: The Utility Folding Wagon, also known as a utility wagon, has been around since the 1930s and serves many purposes. Utility folding wagons can be found in use for hauling, transporting, and storage of heavy tools and equipment across construction sites; for moving large pieces of machinery from one place to another; and even for moving boats on the water.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Best Folding Wagons

1. Convenience – No more dragging all of your packages home by hand

When you purchase a new, large-item, it can be difficult to carry it to the door. This is where a folding wagon comes in handy. They are very lightweight and easy to carry with you when you need it. They are also very affordable and come in various colors so you can match your home décor.

2. Save Time – Fold the wagon and go

If you’re tired of folding and lifting a heavy wagon, try using a collapsible wagon. Before you know it, your load is in the right spot and you’re walking away from your work.

3. Reduce Shopping Stress by folding wagon – One less thing to worry about during long shopping trips

Folding a shopping cart takes up more effort than it seems. If you want to be able to carry your purchases with ease, you should consider folding a wagon like this one. It’s easy to set up and take down and the best part is that it can be tucked away in your trunk when not in use.

4. Peace of Mind by folding wagon – No more wondering if you packed the right things that day

With the peace of mind that comes from knowing your bag is packed, you can focus your energy on whatever else you have to do.

5. Save Money by folding wagon – Save time and money by not having to pay for delivery or gas

When you’re on the go, it can be a hassle to have to deal with traffic and the inconvenience of parking. Plus, you can save money by not having to pay for the delivery of gas. With this neat folding wagon, you’ll be able to take your cargo with you anywhere in a convenient portable way.

Top 10 Folding Wagon Reviewed

This amazing review will assist you in making the right choice amongst the hundreds of folding wagons out there. Read on as we bring you a review of the 12 best folding wagons.

1. Mac Sports Heavy-Duty Collapsible Folding Wagon (Best Heavy Duty Folding Wagon)

If you are looking for a durable and collapsible wagon, the Mac Sports Wagon is highly recommended. It is built strong to carry loads of up to 150 pounds. It can be used if you are planning to go to the beach, park, camping, or gardening. The wagon folds easily into a storage bag for compact storage. It has large wheels that easily move through sand in case you are on a beach. There are pockets on the front for the storage of smaller stuff. The handle is ergonomically made, so your hands don’t get hurt while pushing or pulling. This is a great workhorse for moving heavy items.


1. Heavy-duty – The heavy-duty frame is able to carry a load capacity of up to 150 pounds. The fabric is made with 600 Denier making it very durable.

2. Easy movement – It has large tires for easy hauling from items from one point to another.

3. Compact storage – The wagon folds to 10 inches making it compact enough to be stored in its storage bag

4. Easy setup – Setup is stress-free and hassle-free. No assembly is required

5. Adjustable handle – The handle can be adjusted for easy hauling of items on rough terrains.


1. Easy to fold

2. Sturdy construction

3. Easy maneuverability

4. Easy to clean

5. Made with solid materials


1. No canopy

2. Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon (Best Folding Wagon For Kids)

If you want a folding wagon perfectly suited for kids and cargo, the Radio Flyer Wagon is your best bet. It can be used in 3 different modes. There is a mode that has a roof to cover kids when it is sunny, another has a flat surface and the third is for difficult terrain. The wagon can comfortably accommodate two kids and still carry other items. It comes with large wheels for easy movement and a comfortable handle. The wagon has a magnet to hold up the handle when not in use. The fabric is durable and easy to wipe. 


1. 3-in-1 wagon – The wagon can serve three purposes – hauling, 2 riders seating, and bench seating

2. Solid and durable – Made with steel and high-quality fabric, the wagon is built to last.

3. Ease of storage – This wagon is collapsible and can be folded in a bag for a compact storage

4. Ideal for kids – Kids love the wagon. It has seats for the comfort of two kids. 

5. Perfect cargo – The wagon has a 150 pounds capacity to store heavy and bulky loads.


1. Easy to clean

2. Easy to assemble

3. Durable and lightweight

4. It is sturdy

5. Easy maneuverability


1. No canopy

3. YSC Folding Utility Wagon (Best Compact Folding Wagon)

This is an ideal wagon that serves multiple purposes such as shopping, gardening, and catching fun at the beach. It is lightweight weighing just 10 pounds but has a carrying capacity of 150 pounds. The easy-to-push handle is very comfortable. The wagon is built to last since it is made with durable materials. It is hassle-free and stress-free because it requires no assembly to set it up. It comes with a mesh bottle holder to keep your drinks intact.


1. Assemble – The YSC Wagon requires no assembly. Just unfold and start using it.

2. Solid construction – Its strong frame construction and the polyester fabric make the wagon strong and solid.

3. Lightweight – Weighing just 10 pounds, this utility wagon is one of the most lightweight wagons in the market

4. Heavy carrying capacity – This wagon is able to carry loads of 150 pounds at once.

5. Compact and convenient – This wagon conveniently stores your stuff in a compact manner. 


1. Easy to use

2. Easy to fold

3. It is sturdy

4. Easy cleaning

5. It is collapsible


1. It doesn’t work well on a tough terrain like the beach

4. Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon (Most Durable Folding Wagon)

If you want to go camping and you are thinking of how to get your stuff there, this camp wagon will get the job done for you. Just offload the items from your car to the wagon and easily push the wagon to the campsite. Its construction is sturdy. It is made with strong frame metal and durable fabric for lasting use. It folds and opens with ease. With 4 big wheels and 2 front ones able to turn 360 degrees, maneuverability is made easy. The wagon can comfortably support loads of between 100 to 150 pounds.


1. Easy to setup – Push the bottom and open up the wagon with ease. It requires no assembly

2. Big wheels – The big 4 wheels are solid on tough terrains like the beach. There are 2 rotating wheels and 2 fixed front wheels for ease of movement

3. Weight capacity – the 8 inches diameter wheel is able to support a load capacity of 150 pounds on land and 100 pounds on sand or beach.

4. Sturdy – The sturdy construction makes the wagon strong and durable. The fabric, the frame steel, and the big wheels make it a unit for lasting use

5. Padded cushion – The bottom is well padded with a cushion so that it can be comfortable for kids to ride in it.


1. Easy setup

2. No assembly required

3. Sturdy and durable

4. Large carrying capacity

5. Heavy-duty


1. Difficult to move on the sand.

5. Seina SUW-100 Utility Wagon (Best Utility Folding Wagon)

If you are looking for a stress-free wagon, this is it. This utility wagon requires no assembly. Just unfold, and it is ready to load your items. The wagon has large wheels for easy movement. It can move well in different terrains. It is made with a sturdy powder-coated steel frame and highly durable 600D polyester fabric material making it strong for prolonged usability. When it comes to carrying capacity, the wagon can take 150 pounds of loads. After use, just fold and store it. The fabric is not removable, but it is easy to clean with cleaning liquid. It is lightweight with a comfortable handle.  


1. Easy to use – The wagon unfolds and folds up easily. It requires no assembly  

2. Sturdy construction – Made with a powder-coated steel frame and durable polyester material, the wagon is sturdy enough to withstand tough conditions

3. Strong wheels – With 8-inch diameter all-terrain wheels, the wagon is able to move on any terrain. This makes it perfectly fit for the beach

4. Affordable – This is an affordable unit when compared to other wagons with similar features

5. Appreciable load capacity – It can contain loads of 150 pounds comfortably.


1. No assembly required

2. Folds easily

3. Lightweight

4. Sturdy and durable

5. Easy to use and store


1. Not suited for the beach

6. Creative Outdoor Collapsible Folding Wagon for kids (Best Outdoor Collapsible Folding Wagon)

The all-terrain Outdoor Wagon is perfect for beach, park, picnic, zoo, and other outdoor activities. It is made comfortable for kids and pets to ride. With heavy-duty wheels, the unit can carry loads of up to 150 pounds. When folded, it is compact enough to fit into the car trunk. The setup is easy. Just unfold and use; then fold when done. 


1. Great functionality – This is a highly functional wagon. With 150 pounds load capacity, you can load your supplies; allow kids to ride, and store camping gear, food all at once. 

2. Portable folding design – Its design makes it easy to fold and store in the car, garage, or house.

3. Sturdy construction – Made with solid steel and strong fabric, the wagon is sturdy and durable. The fabric is easy to remove and wash with hose water or by hand

4. Rugged wheels – The 4 wheels with rubber threads can maneuver in different terrains including in the sand, grass, and snow.

5. Multipurpose – The wagon is multipurpose. It can be used anywhere – camping, travel, grocery, zoo, gardening, and beach trips. 


1. Easy setup

2. No assembly is required

3. Easy to use

4. Heavy-duty wheels

5. 150 pounds load capacity


1. The handle is fragile for heavy loads 

7. WonderFold Outdoor Utility Collapsible Wagon with Canopy (Best Folding Wagon With Canopy)

The WonderFold Wagon is a collapsible folding wagon with a canopy for 2 kids’ rides and the storage of different items. The canopy is retractable for portability. It protects kids from the scorching sun. The bottom of the wagon is well padded for comfort and protection. It is easy to fold and unfold with an auto safety locking system. The wagon is easy to use. It requires no assembly. It features a telescopic handle for easy handling and auto locks for the control of the front tires. The handle never falls on the ground after each use. The all-terrain tires come with bearings to reduce friction and enhance smooth movement by making the wheels move effortlessly. There is also a hand brake with a 3-point seat belt. It is made with durable 600D polyester fabric material that is easy to remove for washing. With an auto-folding lock, the wagon is easy to fold for easy storage.  


1. Easy handle – The easy handle performance makes steering easy. The telescopic handle helps to control the front wheels using the auto-lock

2. Strong tires – For easy maneuverability, there are 4 all-terrain tires with bearings for easy movement

3. Ease of use – The wagon is easy to use. It folds and unfolds with ease with the auto safety locking system

4. Patented canopy – This is a retractable canopy, and it is useful in protecting kids and items from the sun and rain. 

5. Cushion bottom – For the protection and comfort of kids and fragile items, the wagon is well-cushioned


1. Super easy to use

2. Sturdy and durable

3. Easy to clean

4. Comfortable for kids

5. Plenty of room


1. No seatbelts 

8. Patio Watcher Collapsible Utility Wagon (Best Folding Wagon For Garden)

This is a multipurpose wagon for the beach, grocery, garden, park, camping, and other purposes. It features a telescopic handle for ease of control in different terrains. The frame is constructed with powder-coated aluminum for sturdiness. The durable 600D fabric is easy to clean. The 7 inches diameter rubber wheels with 360-degree rotation make maneuverability superb. Wheels can be locked to stop the wagon from moving away when not in use. It opens and folds conveniently. It requires no assembly. With a load capacity of 150 pounds, the utility wagon can haul heavy loads comfortably from the garden or shopping.


1. Ease of use – It is simple and easy to use. Just open to use and fold when done. Store in a storage bag after use. No assembly is needed.

2. Strong construction – Made with a sturdy aluminum frame and quality fabric, the wagon is made to last long

3. Solid wheels – The 7 inches diameter wheels are perfect for difficult terrains with their telescopic handle. Wheels rotate with ease for smooth movement

4. Easy to clean –The fabric can be removed for washing with the hose or by hand

5. All-purpose wagon – Use the wagon for different purposes such as trips to the garden, beach, camping, park, sporting event, etc.


1. Easy to fold

2. Ease of movement

3. Durable materials

4. Portable storage

5. Telescopic handle

9. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart, Blue/Black (Best Folding Wagon For Camping)

This small, compact beach cart is a great option for anyone looking to take their beach gear or toys with them on vacation or camping. It is easily folded and stored when not in use. Its all-terrain design makes it perfect for outdoor use, whether you’re going to the park, the lake, or your own backyard!


  • Has a roomy interior. Can hold up to 36.2″ x 21.4″ x 24.6″ of cargo–that’s 15 gallons of stuff, or 200 lbs!
  • It sets up in seconds and folds down quickly for easy storage and transportation.
  • Includes convenient compact storage, so you can carry everything you need without anything extra!
  • A sturdy frame that can be easily transported from place to place
  • Two mesh cup holders to carry water or other beverages.
  • Great for outdoor sports, such as biking, running and camping
  • Extra large wheels for easy hauling of gear and has a built-in safety feature to prevent children from falling.
  • Durable design for outdoor use.


1. Convenient use

2. Multipurpose 

3. No assembly is needed

4. Easy cleaning

5. Heavy-duty


1. Not made for carrying kids.

10. Femor Heavy-duty Collapsing Garden Cart (Best Lightweight Folding Wagon)

If you want an affordable large-capacity folding wagon, don’t hesitate to go for the Femor Outdoor Utility Wagon. With a load capacity of 262 pounds, this unit can be said to be a donkey. It is convenient to use for groceries, shopping, and the garden. It requires no assembly. Setup is super easy. The wagon folds to 8 inches making it portable enough to be stored in the car. It is strong on different terrains. The steering wheels are made for easy maneuverability. The wheels enhance the stability of the wagon to comfortably for carrying heavy loads.


1. Durable materials – The wagon is made with iron, rubber wheels, and cloth. The fabric is 600D waterproof fabric made for durability.

2. Easy to use –Setup is just a matter of minutes. No assembly is needed.

3. Load capacity – The maximum load capacity is 262 pounds. So, it can be used to haul heavy loads comfortably.

4. Fixed handle –It is made with a fixed handle for ease of transportation.

5. Compact design –It folds easily and can be stored conveniently inside the car


1. Lightweight

2. Sturdy

3. Convenient storage

4. Durable materials

5. Easy cleaning and maintenance


1. The handle is not telescopic

2. It can’t stand rough terrains

11. Sekey Outdoor Utility Folding Wagon (Best Folding Wagon For Beach)

This is another folding wagon with a large load capacity. With 265 pounds load capacity, conveying loads from one place to another will be a breeze. It is ideal for camping, shopping, gardening; etc. The wagon is easy to fold for easy transportation. Equipped with large wheels, it can move on difficult terrains such as the grassland, beach, and sandy land. The double-layer fabric material can be removed for washing. 


1. Enough room – The Sekey Wagon is roomy enough to contain gardening tools, fish equipment, shopping groceries, and items needed for camping. There are also two mesh cup holders for the storage of beverages

2. Easy handling – It has an adjustable handle that is controlled by a lock. The lock allows you to adjust the height of the handle for your convenience

3. All-terrain wheels – The large tires are designed with bearings to enhance the smooth movement of the wagon. The wheels can rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuverability

4. Easy setup – Installation is quick and easy. There is no need for assembly

5. Loading capacity – Its loading capacity is 265 pounds. This is possible because of the sturdy construction made with a heavy-duty steel frame


1. Easy cleaning

2. Sturdy construction

3. Powerful tires

4. Adjustable handle

5. Ease to use


1. Not too ideal for the beach

12. ONIVA Collapsible Adventure Wagon (Best Collapsible Wagon With Telescopic Handle)

– This is a versatile wagon. Made with a powder-coated steel frame and durable polyester fabric, the wagon is sturdy and strong to carry a maximum of 110 pounds of load. It features a telescopic handle for the ease of pulling the wagon. It can easily be set up. It collapses and folds for easy storage after each use. This is the perfect wagon for carrying beach gear, camping, gardening, grocery, etc. 


1. Easy setup – The wagon is already assembled. Just unfold it and start hauling your items

2. Easy cleaning – Made with polyester material, the fabric can be pulled off and washed

3. Telescopic handle – The telescopic handle makes pulling or pushing super easy

4. Heavy-duty construction – Sturdy steel frame with polyester fabric guarantees the durability and sturdiness of the wagon

5. Loading capacity – 150 pounds loading capacity is large enough to haul heavy items with ease


1. Strong wheels

2. Easy maintenance

3. Portable storage

4. No assembly is required

5. Built to last

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Best Folding Wagons Buying Guide

Buying a folding wagon is not as easy as picking one off the shelf or ordering one online. There are things you must put into consideration before buying a folding wagon. Here is a buying guide for getting the right folding wagon suited for your needs. 


The purpose of buying a folding wagon is one of the most important considerations. Do you want to use it for going to the beach? Is it for carrying the kids? Or is it for general purposes? The answer to this question will help you greatly. 

Carrying capacity

Load capacity must not be ignored when considering purchasing a folding wagon. You would want something that can carry your items all at once. Carrying capacities vary. The minimum carrying capacity should be 150 pounds. Ensure that you know the weight of cargo or items you want to carry with the wagon. The weight of the cargo should not be more than the carrying capacity of the wagon.


You don’t want a folding wagon that gets spoilt at first use. Most of the wagons are made of steel and polyester fabric. You need to check the steel frame to be sure it is sturdy. This includes checking the tires. The tires must be rugged enough to move in tough terrains.


Look for a folding wagon that is easy to clean and maintain. Wagons have to go through the dirt. However, it has to be cleaned without much difficulty. Check to make sure that the fabric is removable for easy cleaning with a hose or hand.


There is no doubt price is a key factor. Do you intend to buy a basic folding wagon or a versatile one? You have to go to the stores to check before ordering online. Look for something that meets your needs without costing you too much money. 


A folding wagon is a big helper when moving items from one place to another. It makes carrying loads easy. As such, it is a necessity. We recommend the Mac Sports Heavy-Duty Collapsible Folding Wagon for its all-terrain capability and sturdiness. We also recommend the Black Wide Wheel Folding Collapsible Utility Wagon for its large loading capacity. Any of these folding wagons would deliver creditably because they have been tested and trusted for their functionality and stability.  

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