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Wine lovers cannot have a party without several drinks to set the moods. But, do you know the most annoying thing is figuring out how to get the cork out if you do not have a proper tool? Some have tried manual corkscrew and have ended up being disappointed.

The cork might break that ruins your day and can make the wine unsafe for drinking. While some have managed to open, it cannot be without a lot of twisting and snarling that strains and can make someone not to long for opening even the sweetest wine.

Luckily, the solution is right at your disposal. There are countless options foran electric wine opener that you can buy. The marvels get the work done within a few seconds without twisting and straining. With one, you will never have to worry even when there are many wine bottles to open;instead, the ease and efficiency make everyone long for that moment.

What you have to deal with is getting the right tool that is reliable, smooth-operating, and efficient. This requires thorough research that can take the time that you should be otherwise using to open your sweet liquor.

Fortunately, we have done the hard work for you by presenting only the best electric wine openers. All you have to do is to read between the lines for a perfect tool that makes wine opening stress-free. Here is everything you need to know for wise-decision making.

Top 6 Electric Wine Opener 2022 (Best Picks)

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Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Electric Wine Opener

You might be tempted to think since powered wine openers are meant to do the same work, then each of them is designed the same way. Very, wrong! There are many features incorporated that make others more efficient, others are affordable, and other aesthetically designed.

Thus, what you like might not be a pick for another person. It means as a wine lover; you got to examine your needs and choose a wine opener that fits your style. Here are the essential features to put in mind before making a purchase.


The electric wine opener is an excellent addition during your house parties, and getting one that is eye-catching complete that wine everyone is longing to taste. It should be comfortable hold such that it can be used longer without bruising your hands. You should use minimum effort to open the wine bottle within a few seconds.

Consider those made of high-quality material as they will last longer.  If you are keen on the color schemes, then pay attention to those with elegant finishing, shapes, and colors that match your decor style. You might want to consider cordless due to their convenience and ease of use.


If you are purchasing an electric wine opener for occasional use at home, then the size might not have a significant effect. Conversely, the one meant for regular use should not be too large as it might be uncomfortable to use for an extended period.

For instance, in a professional setting, opening wine bottles is something done many times a day, and smaller and comfortable openers are the ideal options. If you also intend to carry for picnics, works, or to beach, then smaller options are the most portable.


The capacity is one of the essential aspects to consider when picking a wine opener. The power capacity differs from one model to the other, and the one chosen depends on the number of bottles to be opened.

The best-powered openers should be able to open 30 bottles in a single charge. You should check the features of the opener thoroughly and pick one that matches your needs.

Power source

The openers come with either rechargeable or ordinary batteries. The most common is one with rechargeable batteries, and they can be recharged at any power outlet at home and thus economical in the long run.

But, the rechargeable might not be ideal when using where there is no power outlet such as on hikes or at the beach. Thus, those with ordinary batteries would save the day as they work as long as you carry spare batteries incase the ones in it run out. As long as the cells remain strong, then you are good to choose either.

Ease of use

No one wants a solution that would be hard to use. That is the reason you need a wine opener that is easy to use without requiring special training. Most of the currently powered openers have user instructions with only one or two buttons to press for them to function. The cordless could also be convenient compared to the wired types.


Some openers come packaged with a plethora of accessories. The additions enhance the utility of the product, so after considering the affordable price, pick one with more accessories as it presents more solutions. Some come with foil cutters that make it easy and convenient to access the cork.

High-end models come with other expert tools that improve the functionality of the opener. For instance, some have aeratorsthat reduce the time it takes for the wine to breathe. Others come with sealer or preserver that makes sure the left wine does not go to waste. It gives youa chance to reseal it well to prevent oxidation that could spoil the wine. Other accessories include wine stoppers and wine pourers.


The wine opener should not cause any injuries on your hands while opening the bottles. The userinstructions should highlight how to safely use the product so that you can stay out of danger. It should not break the bottle as you try to open no matter what.


Every product you invest in should last you longer, especially if you want to use it repeatedly. At first, people were using the manual types as they were known to be durable, but continued innovation even the electric openers could serve you for a long time. Those that are made of metals are best compared to plastic ones as they can break easily. Consider those with fewer gears as they tend to withstand continued use without wearing out.


Just like any other electric gadget, you should ensure your opener is covered by a warranty. Technical issues may arise anytime that might involve money to repair, adding to the cost in the absence of the guarantee. Look at the duration of the warranty and the longer, the better. One that has no matter the time is better than those with none as you are covered for out of the box faults.


Most of the powered openers are relatively affordable, but still, you have to look at your budget and preference. If your budget is flexible, then there no issue in spending more for an opener with extra accessories. It increases the convenience when using the product, but be sure that no matter the price, even low the one picked should serve the main purpose in the first place.

Best Electric Wine Openers Reviews

Opening your favorite nectar will never be the same again with the best ranked powered wine opener. All you have to do is to pick an ideal one based on your needs and preference. As stated earlier, choosing is not straightforward due to many factors to consider and the variety of options in the market.

To make your work easier,we picked six top-rated electric wine openers and reviewed them in detail. Go through them, and for sure, you will not miss one that makesyou long for those wine-filled parties.

1. Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener,

This is one of the stylish and durable rechargeable wine openers that would get the cork out in seconds. Besides, it is compatible with various wine bottle sizes and can get 30 corks out in a single charge. Not a single attendee would fail to notice the colorful Secura with elegant finishing coupled with an LED light that shines when getting charged or during use. It is a perfect present for your wine lover friend who will forever remember you as they open their favorite drink.

Using it is also straightforward as you only need to press a single button after, of course, placing it on the cork. The corkscrew is also covered with a transparent shell that further makes bottle opening easier. There is no worry about the storage of the product as it comes in a small footprint that can be carried anywhere without feeling the burden. Reliability is at its best due to 100-120V input voltage that is available almost anywhere around the globe. To extend its life, you should charge it every three months, even when not in use.


  • Easy to use with push-button operation
  • Get the cork out in seconds
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Removes up to 30 cork in a single charge
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy removal of seals as foil cutter is included
  • Stylish charging bas with shining blue LED light.’


  • One has to be cautious when using it to open fragile corks

Check the table below for essential features of Secura SWO-3N model:

Weight1.2 pounds
MaterialStainless steel
Input voltage100-240V
TypeCordless, rechargeable
AccessoriesFoil cutter

2. Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener

Get a feel of European inspired cordless wine opener design by purchasing Ozeri Nouveaux. The grip is agronomical to make it comfortable and easy to use. The opener doesn’t need a base stand as the constructed with elegant curves that allow it to stand stable vertically.  What’s more, the opener can get out both synthetic and natural cork, making it an ideal versatile design. This is done only by a push of a single button. Besides, it is rechargeable,and thus you do not have to worry about frequent battery purchases. What a way to save money and get to open 60 bottles all in one charge! For sure,every wine bottle is worth being accompanied by the amazing opener, whether for home or commercial use.

Not only would you get the opener, but the product is also packaged with a wine pourer and stopper plus a patent-pending detachable lid that can be used as a foil cutter. Amazing, right! That is not all the shell is uniquely transparent to ensure you get to watch as the cork gets out of the bottle. The blue illuminatedduring recharge and use add to its fantastic design. If you have one already, consider gifting your wine enthusiast friend too.


·         No need for separate base thus saving space

·         Open up 60 bottles in a single charge

·         One-button push operation

·         The unique transparent shell that makes cork removal visible

·         Blue light illuminates

·         Easy-release detachable lid that can be used as a foil cutter


·         Some complaint of not being able to tell when the opener is fully charged

Check the table below for essential features of Ozeri NouveauxOW02A-B2 model:

Weight1.2 pounds
Available colorsBlack, red, silver
TypeCordless, rechargeable
AccessoriesWine pourer, stopper, integrated foil cutter

3.   Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Removable Free Foil Cutter Wine Opener

This is another great product from Ozeri with European inspired design. Without the base, the opener can stand vertically, making it a great option to carry while on the go. Besides, the easy-release lid easily converts to foil cutter; thus, getting the seal out will never be an issue. The opener features an ultra-fast rechargeable motor that would allow you to open up to 40 bottles in a single charge. Fantastic! Besides, you will get the cork out quickly and effortlessly by a push of a button with soft blue light illuminating up the process.

The cork removal process can be watched clearly through a unique transparent shell that ensures you are part of every process. Whether your nectar has a natural or synthetic cord, with Ozero Nouveaux, it will get out safely. The handle is also ergonomically designed for comfort, even when opening many bottles in a single day. Apart from its elegant finishing, the opener has a durable construction to ensure it serves you longer.


·         Opens up to 40 bottles in a single charge

·         The visual cork removal process

·          Integrated foil cutter

·         Stands vertically without a separate base

·         One-button push operation


·         Some say it struggles a little on dense synthetic corks

Check the table below for essential features of Ozeri Nouveaux OW02A-B model:

Weight1.3 pounds
Available colorsBlack, red, silver
TypeCordless, rechargeable
AccessoriesIntegrated foil cutter

4. Uncle Viner G103t…Gift set

Are you thinking hard on what to gift your loved one on Father’s Day, Mother’s day, wedding, anniversary, or any other special day? Worry no more. The Uncle Viner makes a perfect gift set for wine lovers. It comes with an automatic rechargeable corkscrew, 4AA batteries, a charger, a foil cutter, and a user guide. The good thing is that it takes only seven seconds to get out a single cork with the ability of the opener to open 80 bottles in a single charge. Thus, whether for home or restaurant use, the opener would work just fine.

Though it features a sophisticated design that would not go unnoticed, the opener is easy to use; thus,it can be gifted to both men and women as long as the age allows. Due to the foil cutter packaged with the product, one can easily get the foil out without any stress. The new stylish box that comes with the package is worth every present on would ever gift to wine lovers. 


·         Makes a perfect gift with a stylish tube box

·         Get the cork in seven seconds

·         Opens up to 80 bottles in a single charge

·         Includes foil cutter, charger, and 4AA batteries

·         Easy to use

·         Rechargeable


·         No charging indicator

Check the table below for the essential features of Uncle Viner G103t… model:

Weight1.05 pounds
Available colorsBlack
TypeCorded, rechargeable
Accessories4AA batteries, foil cutter

5.     Chefman Electric One Touch Wine Bottle Opener 

Enjoy opening your wine with Chefman Electric opener that gets the work done in seconds without risk of breaking the cord. Further, it comes with foil cutter ensuring there is no headache in seal removal. The stainless steel casing gives it an elegant look apart from ensuring the product lasts you longer. You will have a chance to watch as the cork comes out due to the transparent shell that is complimented by a stylish charging base. There is a blue LED light that illuminates as the opener charges and when in use, creating a perfect mood for parties.

The opener is cordless and comes with a rechargeable battery that can get out 30 corks in a single charge. The worry of having to buy the batteries frequently is thus dealt with accordingly. As long as you can access 110-240 voltage power input, then the device would work fine. If you were looking to gift wine lovers, then your search should be over with Chefman openers. Buy with the assurance of one year warranty.


·         Easy push-button operation

·         Quality construction

·         The transparent shell that allows you to have a full view of the cork removal process

·         Easy removal of the seal using the foil cutter that is included

·         In-built rechargeable batteries

·         No batteries needed

·         Elegant charging base


·         Some complaints on the sensitive switch

Check the table below for essential features of Chefman RJ42-SS-CAmodel:

Weight1.95 pounds
MaterialStainless steel
Input voltage110-240V
TypeCordless, rechargeable
AccessoriesFoil cutter

6.     BFULL Cordless Electric Bottle Opener

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There is no wine bottle that is difficult to open with the BFULL opener at hand. The corkscrew gets the work done in seconds and can open 80 bottles in a single charge.  As it is cordless and lightweight, the opener is perfect for travelers as all that is needed is batteries. You are further assured of long-lasting services due to aluminum alloy construction with silver-metal finishing that won’t break any sooner.

The set is completed with vacuum bottle stoppers, a foil cutter, and a wine pourer; this makes a perfect gift for friends who love different kinds of nectar. Besides, there is a lifetime warranty that got you covered with the assurance of quality. Buy one and experience joy as you open every single wine bottle in seconds.


·         Bottle opening is done quick and simple

·         Well accessorized with foil cutter, pourer and vacuum bottle stoppers

·         Cordless making it easy to carry around

·         Lightweight

·         Lifetime warranty

·         Quality aluminum alloy construction


Check the table below for essential features of BFULL K00001 model:

Weight1.68 pounds
MaterialAluminum alloy
AccessoriesFoil cutter, pourer, vacuum bottle stoppers


Q: What are the safety tips for using the electric wine opener?

Luckily, the powered bottle openers are simple to use, but the following tips ensure the corks are gotten out cleanly and completely out.

·         First, you should remove the seal or foil completely from thebottle neck. This ensures a clear area to put the opener before turning it on.

·         Wait until the opener has stopped, as this is when the cork will be completely out of the bottle.

·         When dealing with vintage wine bottles, care should be exercised as the corks are fragile or best use the openers that use air pressure to remove the cork.

·         Tightly hold both the opener and the bottle throughout the process. At no time should it rotate until the cork is out.

·         When cork removal is complete, the openers should be removed gently to avoid cracking the cork.

·         Ensure the powered wine opener have enough charge before beginning to open the bottles to avoid having the process stopped mid-way. Change the batteries if necessary.

using the electric wine opener

Final Word

There has never been a simple way to remove the cork apart from using the best electric wine openers. The process is smooth, clean, and fast, ensuring more time is left to enjoy the nectar. The sight of it sets the perfect mood for parties as no single soul would be worried about having to twist and strain to open the bottles. Just get any of the above for assured performance.

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