What are the Best Cookie Press in 2021 (Benefits, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

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For sure everybody loves cookies! It’s not just kids who are fond of delicious candies; even adults are also becoming a fan of eating tasty and attractive cookies. So, regardless of age, we all agree we love indulging in delightful and yummy snacks of different flavors and varieties. Nowadays, whether it’s a particular holiday, birthday, or specials party, you will likely see mouth-watering cookies shaped in various designs and flavors. Interestingly, you don’t have to rush to a bakery each time to get your freshly baked cookies whenever you crave them. With the help of an excellent press, you can easily make your delicious homemade cookies the way you like them.

If you are tired of preparing the dough and cutting it into shapes or making the old, dull rounded-shaped cookies, then it’s time to get a presser. Baking cookies will be much fun and enjoyable as you play along with what the wafer press has to offers. The best cookies possible will all come down to having the right wafer press. Now, we bet you must be thinking about how you will find a suitable one for yourself. But worry no more we are here for you. We have done our research based on various factors on the best cookie press available in the market to come up with this article. Go through it and thanks us later.

Features to Consider for the Best Cookie Press to Buy

Finding a good wafer press might be challenging as it is time-consuming and require research to understand what to look for in the ideal product. With so many choices in the market, you can be confused and lose focus on what matters most. For you to get the right model, your needs and personal taste plus proper research is mandatory.

Yes, we understand few people have the time on their hands to do this, and that is why we have done the homework for you and tailor-made the buyer’s guide below. Read to know the most significant features to consider before purchasing the perfect press for your cookies.

Best cookie press for cheese straws


The wafer press is an essential kitchen appliance that any bakery lover or professional pastry will not miss. Beginners and seniors cookie lovers need the item to make their work easier while coming up with attractively shaped cookies. This item comes in two types; the manual and the electric, and both doa great job. But depending on your needs, you will determine which suits you best.

Manuals are more prevalent in the market because they are affordable, have high-quality designs, and are easy to use. These pretty devices require no electrical cords when making your cookies. While on the other hand, the electric one tends to be costly but takes all the guesswork in pressing cookies and allows you to work faster. Its major drawback is their cord, which they often need meaning you have to prepare your cookies near an outlet. Some models are battery-operated.

Cookie press handles

Press handle is of much importance too, especially if you have arthritis, hand injury, or your hand’s joint pains when you have to do a lot of handy work. So, you can either get one with a plunger-style handle or a turn-style handle. For the Plunger handle, you only press down on a plunger to dispense the dough.

While the turn style handle requires you to rotate the handle to press out the mixture of your choice, many people prefer the turn style handle as it is accessible, and you will not hurt your hands if you are planning to make more quantities of cookies in your house.


Most cookie press available in the market is either made of metal or a combination of plastic and metal. The material will determine the durability and functionality of the device. Metal models are generally expensive since they offer greater strength. The only challenging thing with these metal types is that you may need to wash them by hand. They should also be dried thoroughly after washing to prevent rusting.

Best cookie press for making cheese straws

The plastic body wafer press is pocket-friendly but will not last for a long time compared to its metal counterparts. Luckily they are dishwasher safe and BPA free, meaning they are no chemicals that can get to your food.

Die-cut discs

All those cookies you see out there have various designs shaped by the die-cut discs that come with the wafer press. There are different designs, such as trees, letters, wreaths, pumpkins, and much more you can never imagine. The device that comes with more sets of die-cut discs gives you a lot more opportunities to utilize creativity in your cookie-making tasks.

Choosing discs that have high-quality construction is crucial to avoid frequent breakages. In regards to the pressure frequently applied when making cookies, your discs should not be flexible, forcing them to bend or flex during the process. But when you get the perfect one with great discs, you will never consider buying the packaged cookies.

Compression and Capacity

The compression style is applicable only if you are interested in the manual wafer press. A lot of time is used when reloading the dough into the cylinder canister of the presser. That is the reason why capacity matters. When you have a larger cartridge, you can spend less time reloading the dough into the cylinder.

If you usually make a few cookies for yourself, then capacity might not be a significant factor for you. But when you have many kids in your house or have a large family, you need to reconsider the capacity of the wafer press you are going to purchase. It will take you less time to prepare a lot of snacks with various flavors.

Best cookie press machine


Yes, they are available models in the market that can do more than just making cookies. If you are interested in such models, it’s a plus to you so long as they can do their primary job correctly. Most wafer press offers additional pastry tips such as frosting cakes, filling deviled eggs, among others. It will even be cheaper for you than buying each kitchen appliance for specific work. Your kitchen, too, will be much more organized.

Cleaning and maintenance

Ease of cleaning for every kitchen appliance out there gives many people peace of mind. When choosing a wafer press, look for one with parts that are easy to clean, assemble, and dissemble. Some are dishwasher safe while others aren’t.

After every use, it’s an excellent routine to clean your device. Then dry up all the metal parts properly before storing them to avoid rust. Plastic parts also need to be dried to prevent bacteria. When your tools are cleaned and arranged or stored well, your kitchen looks neat and elegant.


Some of these wafer press comes with trigger style compression, which allows you to make consistent shapes. The trigger ensures your cookies have enough dough for one candy each time you pull it. Young ones or people with weak hands may find it hard to use since the trigger is typically a single finger trigger.


The warranty plays a vital role in the product for the customer. A warranty gives the surety of product reliability. Check the warranty for several wafer presses before you make the purchase. It will save you from unforeseen troubles that will inconvenience you.


Some buyers believe in brands; they usually have an idea from where to start as they will look if their favorite brands have specific things they require. It has also given manufacturers nightmares as they try all means to popularize their name in the market. They have endeavored to come up with the best designs as well as improve their customer experience.

Customers believe in notable brands with good ratings and reviews on different platforms. Others feel good by associating themselves with a specific type of brand. If you are such a person, just know we respect your decision and ways of doing things! After all, we do what makes us happy.

Best cookie press recipes


Affordability is the underlying factor when purchasing anything. You like it, it’s of good quality, fits your preference and such but can you afford it? When you want to buy something, it’s good to make a budget for how much you are willing to spend. If you don’t want to deplete your resources for one product, choose something within your range, or else you might strain a lot trying to live beyond your means.

How to Use Your Cookie Press All Year Long : Best cookie press machine

Top 6 Cookie Press In 2021 (Best Picks)

In a hurry? Check the bestseller top Cookie Press from Amazon. Just check the product link, the details, and the price.

Best Cookie Press Reviews

1. OXO Good Grips Cookie Press : Best cookie press gun

The OXO brand is trendy when it comes to kitchen appliances, thanks to its great tools that help us in our kitchen every day. Want a good cookie experience? Get this model; you will not be disappointed; it has excellent quality and will give you the perfect cookie shapes each time. Oxo model is easy to use, and it will make your cookie baking task easier while enabling you to save time. The model is suitable for kids to use also as well as those people with weak hands.

The model features twelve stainless steel disc patterns to choose from for any occasion you might be having. The shape offered is in the form of tree, heart, shell, and wreath—snowflake, butterfly, bear, sunflower, daisy, and fleur-de-lis. Oxo clear cylinder allows you to see how much dough is inside, and the model comfortable handle enables you to control the press effortlessly. Disassembling the device is much more comfortable in case you need to fill in dough or while washing. Some parts are dishwasher safe, but you need to clean the top with warm water and soap and dry them entirely before reattaching them back.


  • The press comes with clear instructions and fun recipes to start you up
  • Beautiful and durable stainless steel cookie disks
  • Easy to use and clean


  • The model has no decorating tips

Here are the key specs:

Weight10.7 Ounces
Dimension7.5* 2.75* 12.38 inches
Item Model Number1257580

2. Marcato  8300 Atlas  Classic Biscuit maker : Best Easy to Use Cookie Press

This classic model, Marcato 8300, is made in Italy. The company is well known for its high-end pasta-making tools. Since pasta extruding is similar to cookie extruding, it’s no surprise the company decided to design this model. The model comes in different colors, i.e., silver, black, blue, red, or pink. They are made of anodized aluminum, some stainless steel, and ABS plastic components, which makes the press pretty and durable.

The press features 20 different dies, including trees, sunflowers, snowflakes, and other eye-catching designs. One can achieve consistency by using the Marcato press, and one more exciting thing about it also is the fact that you don’t need to refill the barrel several times. A full barrel of dough in your press can press out to 35 small cookies or 20 large ones. The manufacturer offers a ten-year warranty for this model, so you are assured of excellent services.


  • Twenty disk shapes to choose from
  • Easier to use and less messy compared to other models
  • Able to craft both small and large


  • Nod dishwasher safe
  • A little bit expensive compared to other models

Here are the key specs:

Weight1.2 Pounds
Dimension6* 2* 8.5 inches
Item Model Number8300

3. Wilton preferred press cookie press – Best Professional Cookie Press

Wilton is a well-known brand manufacturing high-quality kitchen appliances, so do Wilton’s preferred wafer press. With this product, you are ready to enjoy your baking activity with your kids or partner. The model is easy to clean and use, and it’s suitable for children as well. The device has a raised base that makes it simple to change the dies anytime, even if you are making cookies.

The model offers twelve different designs, including the heart, snowman, turkey, and many more. You can even purchase more dies separately to make a more fantastic design. Always wash and dry your device thoroughly after every wash.


  • Transparent body to see your content level
  • Easy to use and dismantle
  • Suitable for professional and domestic use


  • May not last for long

Here are the key specs:

Weight13.6 ounces
Dimension5.42* 5.42* 8.66 inches
Item Model Number2104-2629

4. Wilton Simple Success Cookie Press – Most Affordable Cookie Press

This model from Wilton manufacturers does a pretty job when it comes to cookie-making with a pocket-friendly price. Simple Success offers everything you need to make perfect and professional cookies of different designs. AS the name suggests, it is a straightforward machine that can be operated by everyone quickly. 

The press comes with 12 cute cookie disks at your disposal. A transparent barrel enables you to see the dough level inside, and the comfortable handle reduces the fatigue in your hands.

Make attractive and yummy cookies with the help of this press. Yes, the wafer press is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Hand wash the device with warm water and soap and ensure to dry it properly before assembling them back.


  • Affordable quality device
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • The model offers consistency


  • No decorating tips

Here are the key specs:

Weight9.4 ounces
Dimension2.33* 5.48* 8.61 inches
Item Model Number2104-2627

5. Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie Press – Best Cookie Press With Ergonomic Handle

The models offer a truly comfortable experience to their user’s thanks to its ergonomic handle that feels amazing when making cookies. The transparent cylinder enables you to see the remaining dough while baking. With the presser, you are sure of crafting perfectly shaped cookies every time you make homemade candies.

It does come with 12 plastic discs such as ribbons, Christmas trees, flowers, among other designs. The worrying thing about this device is its flimsy look when making cookies as every time it seems like it’s breaking. Although its reputation in the market is noticeable, we have included it in our top-rated products.


  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Affordable
  • 12 plastic discs and a transparent cylinder


  • Flimsy design, its  probability of breaking is high

Here are the key specs:

Weight7.05 Pounds
Dimension5.5* 2.25* 8.5 inches
Item Model Number2104-4011

6. Cuisinart CCP-1O Electric Cookie Press – Cookie Press That Are Dishwasher Safe

The product is exceptional by the look of the quality of the cookies the model offers. It is made with quality plastic and stainless steel, which guarantees you durability. The press is versatile, as it can also provide patterns to your shortbreads, pastries, and other candies.

Apart from the twelve stainless steel cookie discs, the item comes with eight stainless steel decorating tips. These tips give ideas of even more shapes, or you can just use them to tailor-made the existing ones. Cleaning the press is also stress-free as it is dishwasher safe.


  • The device works well with varying mix consistencies
  • A high-quality machine which easies to dismantle
  • Dishwasher safe model with an ergonomic handle
  • Comes with eight stainless steel decorating tips


  • The model gets dirty easily
Weight2.05 Pounds
Dimension(3.75* 6* 9.12 inches)²
Item Model NumberCCP-10


Q1. Why should one use a cookie press when they can make cookies the traditional way?

We don’t rebuke claims that one can make cookies traditional by shaping cookie batter into small balls and then baking. We are recommending a press to make your work easier and save time while making attractive and professional cookies. With one, you can make fancy cookies of equal size with various designs of your choice.

Q2. What type of cookie press do you recommend for making lots of cookies at once?

If you are planning to make lots of cookies at once, such as one for the bake sale, parties, birthdays, or community event, you should get the electric one. An electronic wafer press is excellent for someone who wants to make many cookies. They will help you work faster, save you time and save energy from experiencing fatigue in your hand and forearms caused by pressing cookies. Additionally, the electric press ensures you will get the most uniform cookies possible, just like a pro. The manual type does a good job too, but not recommendable for mass production of cookies unless you are willing to take forever making cookies.

Q3.Do we have the best cookie press suitable for kids’ use?

Baking with your kids is much, and many people look for great cookies presses that young kids can use during the baking activities. So, for kids, consider the size and the one which doesn’t require them to pull the trigger for releasing cookies. Little hands generally get fatigued quickly if the press is too big.

Q4. Why does dough keep sticking on the cookie press?

Many people ask this kind of question frequently, but don’t worry; it’s normal for the dough to stick to the press more often even though you prepare a perfect ratio of ingredients. When you grease the parchment or the baking sheet, the mixture is likely to stick to the presser as you put the dough stick to a nonstick area.

To avoid this, don’t grease the surface and wait a bit before you lift the press. It will give the dough enough time to adhere to the baking area. But if it does stick again, remove it gently and place it in the cooking area and continue with your work.

Q5. How will I clean my presser?

For every kitchen appliance, ease of cleaning is of much importance. Before you make the purchase check the cleaning process for the item to see if you can manage the process, go for the model that you can disassemble easily.

The first step for cleaning the presser is to disassemble to get access to all the parts. The ones that should be cleaned thoroughly are those that come into contact with the dough. Then wash them all with soap and warm water. After washing, you should dry them properly to prevent rust and finally reattach the product in the same order.

Some models are dishwasher safe, meaning it will be much more comfortable since you can simply toss the detached pieces in the machine.

Final Word

If you are still not sure of which wafer press to pick, then we recommend you to go for OXO Good Grips Press. The unique yet exceptional device offers everything you need to make tasty cookies for all your favorite occasions. The twelve cookie discs include butterfly, shell, leaf, heart, snowflake, among other lovely shape designs. Most importantly, the plan is easy to clean and operate.

However, other options represent the top alternatives. Feel free to choose one based on your needs and preferences.

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