Best Central Vacuum System in 2022 (Reviews, Comparisons & Factors)

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Cleaning is among the chores that most people do not like but is essential in every home. The only thing one can do is get the right tools to make it enjoyable and less tiring. This is where vacuum cleaners come in handy. With a vacuum, you can reduce the time spent on cleaning and make it less tiring. However, not every vacuum cleaner is flexible to use, and this could be the reason you are looking for the best central vacuum. The central vacuum helps you do the cleaning of the entire house from one central point. Their central powers make it possible to do the cleaning without dragging the vacuum from one point to another. However, you may be asking if any central vacuum can do the cleaning thoroughly. Worry less; the top central vacuums will be reviewed here to help you pick one that suits your needs. Read through to understand the features and benefits of each one of them and the considerations you should make before buying one.

What is a Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum system is a system that uses a vacuum cleaner for the suction and distribution of air throughout the home. This is usually done by using a hose to connect to the main vacuum and it has a filter at the end of it.

A central vacuum system increases your living space efficiency, decreases noise, minimizes allergens in your home, and reduces cleaning time. They are usually installed into homes through an existing space in the attic or on the side of your house.

A central vacuum system can be used for many different purposes such as picking up pet hair, cleaning up spills around your house, and even sucking out dirt from your carpet that you might have missed during normal vacuuming.

Best Central Vacuum System

7 Reasons of Why Your Home Should Have a Central Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuums are a great way to keep your home clean and healthy. They can not only help you keep your home clean every day but also save you time by cleaning up after parties, get rid of allergens, and reduce the use of cleaners in the kitchen.

Here are 7 reasons why you should install a central vacuum cleaner in your home.

1 – It is cost-effective: Vacuums are not expensive or costly to install, unlike other cleaning devices such as ovens or washing machines. Central vacuums will use less electricity because they don’t require them to be plugged in for hours at a time to work properly. It’s also easier to clean them efficiently when they’re not plugged into anything because they won’t have any dust on them.

2 – They save time: Although it may be hard to imagine living without a central vacuum cleaner, there are many benefits to using one. They can help you save time, energy, and money by cleaning your home efficiently.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons why you should have a central vacuum cleaner in your home:

3 – Freshen Up Your Home: One of the best things about having a central vacuum cleaner is that it gives you more time to do other tasks by cleaning up all of the dirt in your home. With a powerful vacuum that cleans every corner of your house in just a few minutes, you don’t have to worry about dust settling on surfaces or re-sweeping floors every day – saving both time and effort.

4 – Reduce Dust Exposure: Central vacuum systems will eliminate dust and indoor pollutants from your home, making it a cleaner, healthier place. This is an affordable way to reduce the risk of asthma and allergies that can result from dust.

5 – Central Vacuum help in improving air quality in your home: Studies have shown that central vacuum systems are able to deliver cleaner air than traditional systems. They can also produce less noise and lower energy bills.

6 – The benefits of having a central vacuum system is not limited to the homeowners alone. They can also be used for commercial purposes, such as cleaning up messes that might have been made by pets or kids in public places like restaurants and movie theaters. Vacuums have also been known to reduce allergies and asthma due to less dirt present in homes with central vacuum systems.

7 – Reduced labor time: It has been found that vacuuming is not only good for your health but also helps you save money by reducing the amount of labor needed to clean your home. With a central vacuum system, you can have all surfaces cleaned in no time!

Let us first look at the central vacuum, which is among the best in the market.

Summary Of The Best Central Vacuums

Product Name Features/ Benefits
OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System •Cyclonic filtration system
•Bottom load mechanism
•700 air watts with a 140-inch water lift
•Ultra-powerful motor
•Quieter system
•Can be used with or without bags
•Soft-stop technology
•Soft-start technology
Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum •Wall mountable
•Suck up both dry and wet mess
•12 Amps motor
•Seven auto detail accessories
•32-foot hose
•Semi-translucent 4-gallon trash tank
PP500 Pure Power 500 Air Watts Central Vacuum System Power Unit •500 air watts
•6ft power cord
•Sound-absorbing material
•Large six-gallon disposable dirtbag
•Multi-direction vacuum installation
Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power •150 CMF 2 stage motor
•Rated for 12,000 sq. Ft.
•Bagless HEPA filtration
•25-year warranty
•Three suction ports & exhaust muffler
VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum •7-gallon dirt capacity
•Sealed HEPA type bag
•Steel and powder-coated material
•50ft long hose
•Packaged with key accessories
Electrolux Quiet Clean Central Vacuum Power Unit •10-year warranty
•HEPA filtration
•Less noise

Not decided? Read the detailed review of each product below

Top 6 Central Vacuums

We have picked the best vacuum cleaners that have great features, which will make your cleaning easy. Go through each one of them to help you make informed decisions.

1. OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System

The capacity of this vacuum is large, and it comes with or without a bag. Cleaning can be done in a room of up to 9000 ft2, making it perfect for big homes. You will enjoy cutting edge technology as the vacuum has a dynamic 2-stage motor produces 700 air watts and water lift of 140 inch. The soft-stop and soft-start technology make the motor keep on for 20% longer and prevent debris left behind from getting to the floor. The operation of the device is quieter and has 32l/9.25 Gal canisters.

The vacuumed air is also purified up to 99.97% through cyclonic filtration, together with long-lasting, washable filters. Disposing of trash is easier as the vacuum is bottom load with a triple-layer filtration bag. This allows the convenient disposal of debris in the dirtbag while ensuring the bag is not ripped off. Check below the benefits you get from this product.

Benefits Of This Product

1. Quieter operating system

2. Powerful suction that picks up all the dirt

3. Enhanced motor system lifetime of up to 20%

4. Easy installation into the home piping system

5. Decreased risk of allergies

6. Clean and efficient disposal of waste

7. Machine washable filters


1. Need to regular remove filter and wash it in a machine

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2. Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum

This vacuum helps you get rid of both dry and wet dirt. The vacuum comes packaged with seven-car detail accessories, making it suitable for use in a garage. The floor space is saved as the device can be wall-mounted, which also makes storage easier. The 32-foot hose helps you clean inside of your car while the vacuum is still mounted on the wall. Emptying is also quite more comfortable as the bags are semi-translucent with an LED indicator which shows when it is time to take out the trash. The suction is robust with 12 amps motor that makes it efficient and effective to pick up all dry and wet dirt.

Benefits Of This Product

1. Easy storage as it is wall-mounted

2. Clear both wet and dry messes

3. Seven auto detail accessories that make it garage pro

4. Semi-translucent large capacity dirt tank that makes it easy to empty

5. Convertible to the blower


1. Need to replace the filters once in a while

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3. PP500 Pure Power 500 Air Watts Central Vacuum System Power Unit

This central vacuum is a perfect choice for those who do not like emptying dirtbag daily. With a 6-gallon capacity dirtbag, emptying is done after six months. The bags are disposable, and therefore there is a need for replacement after emptying dirt. No need to worry about dirtbag removal as the vacuum has large pail handles. This makes bag removal swift and easy. The noise is significantly reduced up to 70 dB when the vacuum is in operation. The device produces 500 air watts allowing for deep cleaning of surfaces. The vacuum can be installed from different directions with filters that are self-cleaning.

Benefits Of This Product

1. Less noisy when operating

2. Deep cleaning as a result of 500 air watts produced

3. Large 6-gallon disposable dirtbag

4. Emptying done after six months

5. Easy installation

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4. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power

This vacuum has the best Armtek 2 stage motor that delivers 150 CFM that is unmatched in the industry. You can easily save some dollars as the product comes with a bagless HEPA filtration dirt bin that is easy to empty. You will notice when the dirtbag is full through the view window on the device, and filters can be removed and washed. The vacuuming can be done in a room of up to 12000ft2 while maintaining a vacuum at the same position. Quality is guaranteed with steel body make, which comes with a warranty of up to 25 years. To ensure quiet operation the device is fitted with an exhaust muffler and three suction outlets. The vacuum is wall-mounted, and overheating is controlled by a reset switch.

Benefits Of This Product

1. Easy to empty bagless design

2. Removes allergen with a HEPA filtration system

3. Not noisy

4. Easy storage as the device is wall-mounted

5. 150 CFM which make the suction superior

6. Work on 12000ft2

7. Easy  to spot when the bin is full through the view window

8. Warranty of up to 25 years

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4. VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum

VacuMaid is a completed central system that comes with a 50’ hose, caddy, dusting brush hanger, and floor/upholstery equipment. The vacuum is wall-mountable, which prevents tipping over. The material used to make the vacuum is steel and powder-coated for additional resistance against corrosion in the has a capacity of 7-gallons making it large enough to hold both large debris and the tiniest particles.

The vacuum comes with a sealed HEPA-filtration system, which makes it the best in eliminating allergens. Additionally, dirt disposal is hygienic as there are no filters to clean or untidy cans to empty. It is worth noting the system is driven by a 5.7’’Ametek motor that extends its life by 75%.

Benefits Of This Product

1. Corrosion-resistant material

2. Secure storage as it is wall-mountable

3. Come with important accessories

4. Powerful suction

5. Easy to maintain since it has a sealed HEPA type bag

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5. Electrolux Quiet Clean Central Vacuum Power Unit

Do you need to replace your old vacuum? If your answer is yes, then go for Electrolux central system. This is because the system is standalone without any attachments. Ensure that the old accessories are compatible with it. Installation is quite simple and has a quiet operation as a result of mounting support and a muffler. The suction power is high and stable because of the 2-stage 5.7 motors.

The maintenance of vacuum is stress-free as the HEPA Triumph traps all the dirt, including allergens, and is self-cleaning.  You will not experience any mess when disposing of dirt. As long as the vacuum is used correctly, you will enjoy a ten-year warranty.

Benefits Of This Product

1. HEPA filtration system which gets rid of allergens

2. Packaged with mounting bracket

3. Powerful and quiet operation

4. Dependable as the warranty period is ten years


1. No attachments included

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What To Consider When Searching For The Best Central Vacuum

Central vacuum cleaners are the best option for those who appreciate their convenience. It gets rid of all allergens and any dirt particles in your home, workshop, or car. You do not have a need to push it around when doing cleaning as it is mounted in one place and cleans a large area. However, there are a variety of central vacuums in the market that will force you to make a choice. This calls for thorough considerations of some factors before deciding to go for one and leave the other. Of course, you should pick the best vacuum based on your needs. Below are considerations to put in place when looking for the top central vacuum:

1. Accessories

You have the option of buying either a central vacuum motor without any attachment or a central vacuum system with essential accessories. The one without accessories is a good option for those who are seeking to replace an old vacuum system. In this case, you should ensure that the new central powerhead is compatible with accessories from the old vacuum. If you fall in love with a particular central vacuum motor and you do not have an existing system it is also ok. However, if you go for it, be ready to buy the attachments separately which might cost you more.

For those who prefer the central vacuum system with attachments, they need to consider their cleaning needs. The number of accessories needed depends on your preference. Read the product specification to know which kinds of accessories are packaged with the central vacuum. Many of the accessorized central vacuums will come with crevice tools, dusting brush, wall-mounting equipment, and floor nozzle. In terms of accessories, the more, the better the vacuum is. 

2. Quality Of The Motor

The central vacuum system cannot be rated high without a quality motor. The motor is the component that drives the whole system determining its effectiveness and efficiency. There are trusted brands that produce a good quality motor that does not break down easily. Of importance is the power of the motor, which can be known through its amperage. The degree of noise produced will be partially determined by the kind of motor the vacuum has. In most case, flow0-through motors make the vacuum to operate quieter.

3. Method Of Dirt Separation

Cyclonic and filtered dirt separation methods are common in central vacuum systems. Cyclonic works by spinning the air at high speed, which results in the separation of clean air from dirt and debris. The system prevents the dust from getting back into the house and only releases clean air.

On the other hand, the filtration method uses filters to separate dirt and clean air. A high-quality vacuum employs this method of separating dirt, and the method has been there for a long time. If you prefer, the filtration system then looks for one that has HEPA filters. This will help in removing all the allergens in the home.

The hybrid method of dirt separation has been installed in some central vacuum systems. This uses both the cyclonic and filtration methods of dirt separation. The collection of dirt is done through the cyclonic motion with filter bags in the bin. This is the best as it results in a dust and allergy-free house.

4. Warranty

Central vacuums are installed ‘permanently’ into the structures of a home. They are also pricey, which calls for a significant warranty period. A top-quality vacuum has a warranty of five to 25 years. As much as price is a factor, a warranty of fewer than five years is not recommended. Reading through the warranty, to fully understand its terms and condition, is advisable for proper care and any future claims. You should know the conditions that may void the warranty, e.g., the use of unprofessional repairmen and care products not recommended may void the warranty. Care should be taken to ensure the central vacuum system lasts longer and thus give you value for your money.

5. Size Of Home

The home size will dictate the kind of central vacuum system that will serve you best. This is because the vacuums are designed to serve specific house sizes or different sizes. You should check the number of suction inlets and vacuum powerhead to enable you to choose the right product.

For every 3000 sq. ft., 3-4 suction inlets are recommended. At least, every floor should include several inlets but not necessarily in each room. The fixing of a central vacuum should be done at a place where it is easy to get accessories to each room in the house. If you cannot do this, look for an expert to install it for you. The strength of the motor you need depends on the size of your home too. A lot of dirt requires a high-powered motor that will enable the vacuum to suction well without losing power. Check product specification to know the size of the motor for your preferred model

6. Cost Of The Vacuum

Sometimes, as much as you will wish to get the most powerful vacuum, you may not be able because of its cost. The majority of the people put the price into consideration when buying products and this is the case for the central vacuum system. This is primarily because these types of vacuums are relatively expensive. You need to buy a vacuum that fits into your budget.  However, the most expensive vacuum is not always the top choice; the best is always one that meets your needs and wants. You should first identify how you need your vacuum to perform and use that to find the best vacuum based on your budget.

How to Choose the Right Size and Type of Vacuum for Your Home

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners that vary in size and power. When deciding which size and type of vacuum cleaner you need, it’s important to consider the amount of time spent vacuuming and where you will be using the vacuum cleaner.

  1. The first thing to consider is what kind of flooring you have in your home. If your home has hardwood floors, then a canister-style vacuum is recommended as it can easily pull up debris from carpets or rugs. These vacuums usually have a wide suction area, so they work better for large homes or houses with many rooms.
  2. The next thing to consider is whether you are going to use the vacuum on hardwood or carpeted floors only, or if you intend on using it on both types of floors. A long-term investment in your home would be a good idea because vacuums help keep your carpet and flooring fresh and clean. A bagged upright vacuum is a type of vacuum cleaner in which the filter component can be replaced with a new one after each use, allowing for longer service life as well as less noise pollution levels than bagless units. These vacuums typically save energy and space while delivering superior performance.

Central Vacuum FAQs

Here are some questions people ask regarding the central vacuums:

Q: How Do I Use A Central Vacuum System?

The central vacuum needs installation before it can be used. This is unlike the other types that are ready for use after purchase. However, with the proper installation, they do better cleaning than other types of vacuums. First, vacuum hose should be attached to the suction inlet in the place where you need to clean. Then appropriate cleaning head should be attached to the hose. After this, the central vacuum system can be turned on. Lastly, cleaning can be done, and accessories kept well.

Q: How Do I Ensure Proper Maintenance Of The Central Vacuum?

Proper maintenance of the vacuum keeps it effective and efficient.  With proper care, the vacuum will serve you for a longer time. First, you need to change filters regularly for continuous proper cleaning of home. Secondly, empty the dirt bin twice or thrice a year to avoid messes that can result because of overflow. Lastly, you should always get your vacuum inspected once in a while by a professional. They can be able to fix any problem that you may not have noticed and helped prevent any further damage. Their expertise ensures the vacuum operates smoothly.

Q: Is The Central Vacuum The Best Option?

This depends on your preference and your cleaning needs. You may need a central vacuum if any person in your home has a problem dragging the conventional vacuum around the home. Also, if there are people who have severe asthma and allergies, it is time to go for central vacuum. It captures almost all the allergens leaving clean air in your home. Lastly, if you value convenience, then central vacuum is the most suitable product for cleaning.

Q: Are There Any Disadvantages That Come With Central Vacuums?

Just like any other product, central have their ups and downs. They are pricier and need to be regularly inspected by professionals, which may increase the maintenance cost. The other disadvantage comes in the case of home expansion. It will mean reinstallation of central vacuum system, which may be time-consuming and costly.

Q: Where Can I Buy A Quality Central Vacuum?

All the products listed here can be found on Amazon, which is among the best trusted online platform. Click the link given for your preferred product, and it will redirect you to the Amazon website. Alternatively go to Amazon home page and search the product using its name.

Final Words

Central vacuum units are an excellent option for cleaning your home. They are convenient to use and saves you a lot of energy and time. Most of the vacuums suction well, leaving your home sparkling clean. However, the central vacuum needs proper care and maintenance, which might increase the cost of already expensive products. If it fits your budget and you are equal to the task, then it is high time you choose from our six best central vacuums available on Amazon.

Before choosing one, ensure you understand the features of each one of them. Further, check the consideration that you should put in place before making the final decision. For example, if you need to replace the old system, you should go for Electrolux Quiet Clean Central Vacuum Power Unit, which comes without accessories. This will save you some cost as long as you ensure it is compatible with the existing accessories. For new installation, check the other options and choose one according to your home size, price, and other features. The fact is, you will definitely find the best among the ones listed here.

Choose one and enjoy effortless cleaning with central vacuums!

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