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Carbon steel pans are frequently used for frying and can be used for any other kind of task that requires the food to be placed on a flat surface. The carbon steel cookware is not heavy, durable, non-stick, and conducts heat faster more evenly than other pans. Furthermore, it is more flexible; thus, you can use them to make any type of food that you want, giving you the chance to maneuver.

Cooking is supposed to be fun and enjoyable when you have the right tools for the job. These pans can offer you the ease and convenience of cooking food in the right way, and they are within your budget. However, choosing the best carbon steel pan is not easy since you have to ensure that the features of the pan meet your desires. Think in terms of; build quality, your preferred budget, quality of non-stick surface, ability to distribute heat, size, handle material, the thickness of the pan, and its flexibility.

Providentially, with our professional assistance, you ought not to think too hard to find a carbon steel pan that’s worth your money. We have noted down everything you need to make a wise decision during purchase.

Top Carbon Steel Pan In 2022 (Best Picks)

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Why Carbon Steel Pan?

Why Carbon Steel Pan

Carbon steel is a combination of steel with carbon. It is the trendiest option for cookware because it’s not heavy therefore distributes the heat much faster and accelerates the preparation of your favorite dishes. Moreover, it is advised that you preheat your pan before adding oil and other ingredients and seasoning them properly to acquire non-stick properties.

Steelpan comes with many benefits, as discussed below.

Naturally Non Stick

The pan is non-stick when seasoned well for the first time after purchase. The natural non-stick capability removes the risk of health along with giving healthier roasting experience since built with natural non-stick stuff and darken over.

High Temperature Tolerant

The carbon steel can endure under high temperatures; therefore, they are much safer to use.


The pan enables healthier cooking since it reduced the need for the use of unhealthy oils and butter to stop the food from sticking to the cookware. However, the more non-stick the cookware, the fewer oils or butter is needed. Note that the amount of oils or butter needed isn’t zero, but it is notably lower than most different types of cookware available.

Less Costly

Carbon pans are quite inexpensive. Further than durability, lightweight, non-stick, and is relatively affordable, especially given its long-lasting performance. Also, Carbon steel is reasonably good at distributing heat and offers instant heating thus minimizing the time for cooking


This pan is exceedingly versatile; therefore can handle everything from delicate eggs and crepes to hardysteaks and potatoes. It can cook on all cooking surfaces such as electric induction surfaces, gas, and oven and halogen stovetops. Since its lighter, it conducts heat much faster and is also much easier to maneuver with it.

High performance

You will get a professional high performance from the pan and can be a great choice both for restaurants and home.


The pan offers a lifetime guarantee since you may want a frying pan that is sturdy and long-lasting. Carbon steel is capable of withstanding high levels of heat, thus making it lasting. However, you ought to take care of it well if you want to use it for long.


Carbonsteel is tremendously easy to recycle for that reason, environmentally friendly. You perhaps would want to own more of it as it helps reduce unnecessary dumping. Moreover, it does not react with food, and its ability to heat up is pretty fast, thus enables you to cut down the time of preparing a meal, which can be beneficial if you are exceedingly busy.

Carbon Steel Pan Buying Guide

Carbon Steel Pan Buying Guide

Purchasing the most excellent carbon steel skillet is the top thing that you can do if for business or home cooking. However, there are several factors you have to consider when acquiring the most exquisite pan. We have narrowed down for you more information to guide you when picking a steel pan. Confidently, this buying guide will be useful in your quest for the most beautiful quality.


Take the size of the pan into consideration before buying to ensure that it will fit with your specific needs. The size of the carbon steel skillet that you would like to purchase will depend entirely on where you would use it. If you are going to use it for cooking for a few people, then buy a smaller one, but if you are going to use it for business, then a larger one is the best option. Importantly, keep in mind that the larger the pan is, the higher the likelihood of it being massive gets.


Generally, Carbon pans handle are made from wood, steel, or iron. Often, large roasts have more than one handle. Handles of good carbon pans should carry weight well and must be tight, if not you should tighten loose screws.

Essentially, put in mind that iron handles naturally do not conduct heat, but you ought to be vigilant, mainly when working under a hot cooking environment. Decide on using silicone sleeves since they can help improve your handling.


A well-made pre-seasoned pan will have a non-stick attribute that will make cooking a lot more convenient. An excellent pan that has clear seasoning instructions ought to not only be non-stick when seasoned, but it should be easy to season as well. Purchase a slate that has clear seasoning instructions since season the pan for the first time as well as for the succeeding ones will determine the performance of the pan.


Though carbon steel is the most flexible type of material available, several pans are made differently in terms of shape and size.The usability of the saucepan is significant to consider when choosing one. Usually, gas, electric, and induction stoves are the options for cooking available, though others will want their pans to be used for open fires and ovens. Therefore you should check if the container that you plan to buy can be used for the type of gas that you have.

Some carbon steel skillets can be used for all stovetops, while others cannot be used for others due to their shape. As such, you should always check if the pan that you intend to buy can be used for the type of stove that you have. Typically, gas, electric, and induction stoves are the options for cooking available, while others will also need that their pans can also be used for open fires and ovens.

Quality of Non-Stick Coating

Put into consideration the quality of the pan you want to purchase. Cheap steel pans will likely come with a competitive non-stick coating that quickly gets peel off over time.

Mainly, preserve your pan well by avoiding using abrasives during the cleaning andnot cleaning your slates in the dishwasher.

Availability of Lids

The shape and size of the pan matter a lot. Choose a pan whose lid size is easy to find. There are different types of lids for steel pans, such as; aluminum, stainless steel, glass lids, and silicone lids.


The budget that you have will tell you which one to choose. There are both expensive and cheap pans in the market. However, we know getting the best item with a large amount does not go in vain. Choose one within your budget, putting in mind that cheap is expensive—one with good non-stick quality. Advisedly,get a versatile slate that can be used for different methods of cooking so that you will get the most value out of your money.


The more cooking surface covering skill your pan has, the more convenient it is. However, containers do not come with this feature. Nonetheless, if you don’t want multiple cooking surfaces, then you can purchase the one corresponding to your oven.


Put in mind the thickness to realize the sturdiness along with usability. Commonly, a thicker panhasa slow heating time, and less thickness indicates fast heating. Besides, the width makes pans lightweight or heavy. Purchase a slate with more thickness since it has more strength.

Reviews of the Best Carbon Steel Pans

1. De Buyer MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan

De Buyer MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan is eco-friendly cookware on earth. This pan is exceptional for sealing, browning, and grilling, and the more the pan is used, the better the performance because you will create your non-stick surface. The darker the slate, the better it is for natural non-stick properties. This pan has no chemicals.

Furthermore,the pan’s excellent design and versatility are superior and can be used for a variety of cooking methods and on all stovetops. The French style and shape from the pan itself to the handles give this carbon steel saucepan pan its very traditional look.


  • 100% natural products
  • Has anti-oxidative properties
  • Comes with two handles
  • Dishes slide easily in the pan
  • Requires little seasoning
  • Has a sturdy riveted handle
  • Has a traditional yet ergonomic design
  • No harmful chemicals added


  • Can  be expensive to acquire
  • Is not dishwasher safe

Here are the critical stats of this device

Dimension(4.2 x 12.6 x 1.7)²
Weight5.8 Pounds

2. Lodge CRS8 Carbon Steel Skillet, Pre-Seasoned

CRS8 pan is an eight-inch heavy gauge carbon steel saucepan used for frying, searing, and baking as well. It is dense and uncomplicated for regular usage. If you have a small family or you are living alone, it is a perfect choice.

Also, the 8-inch lodges come with a pre-seasoned surface that enables easy release of food from the pan anytime. The oil is surrounded and dripped into every pore to prevent the pan from rusting.It is compatible with different cooktops, withstands low, medium, and high temperatures, and retains heat for longer durations.


  • The full non-stick surface can develop quickly with a bit of care.
  • It can handle metal spatulas and utensils.
  • Versatile
  • Retains heat


  • Some owners claimed that the external layer of seasoning tends to peel off and flake.

Here is the key stat of this device

Dimension(4.2 x 12.6 x 1.7)²
Weight2.8 ounces

3. Lodge 12 Inch Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet

Motel 12 inch performs excellently in residential and professional kitchens as well as outdoors. It is pre-seasoned and ready to use after purchase. Moreover, each skillet is pre-seasoned with natural soybean oil. The pan keepsextremely low and very high temperatures, making it a highly useful and flexible cooking piece.

 It is made of 12 gauge carbon steel, which is a high-density metal and does not retain odors, if appropriately maintained, it can last long. More so, the thickness of the cooking surface enables the pan to heat up rapidly but also hold on to the heat needed for even cooking. The handle is attached to the skillet with three secure rivets, and its angle is favorable for both stovetop and oven cooking.


  • Versatile and can be used even in outdoors
  • Very reasonable price
  • Durable
  • The right tool for fry, braise, bake, sauté or sear
  • Pre-seasoned


  • Cannot be used inside the oven

Here is the key stat of this device

Dimension(20.2 x 12 x 3.5)²

4. Mineral B Round Carbon Steel Pan

Mineral B round pan is made from 99% iron, with 1% carbon mixed into it. This pan gives a slippery surface with no synthetic coating. This pan comes with a beeswax coating for security against rust and easy-to-follow seasoning instructions.

 Additionally, the pan has a lifetime warranty; therefore, with proper care, this may very well be the last carbon steel saucepan pan you ever need to buy. The slate is paramount suited for a slow-cooked omelet.


  • It can be comfortably used on an induction stove
  • Cleaning is easy wiping with just oil
  • The riveted handle gives comfort to flip over


  • Requires slightly more oil while seasoning and using initially

Here is the key stat of this device

Dimension(22.8 x 13.5 x 3.1)²

5. Matfer Bourgeat 62005 frying pan

Matfer Bourgeat 062005 frying pan comes with a wide range of sizes as well as the ability to be used in all kinds of stovetops and any type of cooking, whether frying or searing. The pan builds up its non-stick qualities over time, making this pan better with age and can be used for any type f cooking, whether frying or searing.

Moreover, the pan has high quality, extra sturdy steel strip handle. This device will save you a lot of money in the process as you would only need one pot to serve all your cooking needs.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • The handle is very durable
  • The shape is great for flipping and stir-frying
  • Seasoning is very easy for the first time
  • Non-stick qualities get better over time
  • Interior of the pan is smooth with no rivets
  • Can withstand high heat without wobbling
  • Can be used for any type of stovetop


  • It can be costly
  •  A bit on the heavier side

Here is the key stat of this device

Dimension(0.02 x 0.02 x 0.02)²
size11 7/8 ²

6. Lodge Manufacturing Company CRS10HH61 carbon steel skillet

CRS10HH61 carbon steel skillet is versatile andcan beused to prepare different types of meals:sauté, sear, grill, fry, or roast foods. This pan is made of heavy-duty carbon steel for durability. Also, it heats up fast, and since this pan is thick, it retains heat for an extended period, cooking food evenly. Moreover, it has a flat bottom making it ideal for use on different heat sources like induction cooktops.

Furthermore, this pan comes with a detachable silicone handle that is triple-riveted with steel, dishwasher safe and can withstand high heats up to 500 degrees. It is competitively priced, and there is a bigger model available.


  • It is pre-seasoned
  • It is made from heavy-duty carbon steel for longevity
  • It is competitively priced
  • Includes a Silicone hot handle holder that is resistant to heat
  • It is easy to maintain it
  • The pegging hole makes it easy to store it


  • It is not very deep like other models in the market
  • It is prone to rust if not well seasoned

Here is the key stat of this device

Dimension(19.1 x 10 x 3.5 )²
Weight3.4 Pounds


Q.What is seasoning?

Seasoning is a practice that involves bonding oil to the pan for it to have non-stick qualities. Unless the pan comes pre-seasoned, you have to season it at the beginning and before every use. General, oil in the form of flaxseed or sunflower oil is the main ingredient when seasoning.

Q.Should carbon steel pans be cleaned with soap and water?

No. It is not recommended that these pans be cleaned with soap. Regularly, you should use paper cloth to wipe away any deposit. You can also scrub using just a little water. Using soap is not recommended since it will cause this to seep into the coating, which would, in turn, get into your food. Also, water may cause your pan to rust. Make sure that your instructions on how to clean the container after use properly.

Q. Is carbon steel panexcellent for all types of cooking?

Most carbon steel saucepan pans can be used for all kinds of cuisine since they are usually intended for stir-fries, searing, and general frying. Moreover, some frying pot is used for steaming foods. Nevertheless, water, as well as acidic foods such as tomatoes and vinegar, can shred the pan of its non-stick coating; thus, you will need to season it again for optimum performance heavily.

Q. Why are new carbon steel pans covered in beeswax?

Carbon steel rusts very quickly. Consequently, without beeswax coating, the pot can rust much faster even during transport when exposed to moisture and air. The wax or another similar type of surface should be present to ensure that you are getting the product in good condition as possible. Though, you requireremoving the protective coating first, which can be a bit of a task.

Q. Which is better between pre-seasoned and unseasoned pan?

Pre-seasoned pans can use immediately after buying while unseasoned pot needs to be seasoned before use. As a result, pre-seasoned containers are much better.

Q. Is it safe to use carbon steel cookware?

Yes. Carbon steel is the safest material since it is more reliable than aluminum, which is often known to react with food at high-temperature levels.

Q. How to season a carbon steel pan?

Seasoning should be done before you start to cook for it to become non-stick.  It is an easy and efficient though crucial exercise because it is vital to get the best possible results. First, you need to preheat the pan in medium heat by placing your pot in the oven or stovetop and let it heat for a few minutes.

Remove the pan from the heat and let it cool off a bit then apply a thin layer of oil,preferably olive or coconut oil or vegetable oil. Apply the oil using a paper towel, making sure that thecoating is even. Essential ensure that the entire surface of the pan is coated.

Finally, place the container back in the oven or stovetop to heat and leave it there for an hour until it starts to turn black. Turn off the heat and leave the pan to cool off entirely without removing it from the oven or stovetop.

Note that different carbon steel frying pans may have different instructions on how to properly season, read the instructions first before you start seasoning.

Final Word

I hope you receive a complete idea from this carbon steel pan review. Truthfully, the carbon pan provides considerable benefits compared to others. Remember, you need to take time to research to get the best carbon steel pan. In this article, we save you that by highlighting all slates from the top-rated category. Choose one and cook like an expert!

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