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Yes! Health is wealth, keep this one in your mind always. Remember, whatever you want to do in your life never gamble with your health. It’s the crucial thing after all; without it, you can’t be able to accomplish your wishes accordingly. Protein and vitamins are part of the essential nutrients that one’s needs to keep our body healthy. So, today we will concentrate on shakes and the blenders that give us such perfect protein shakes.

If you intend to bulk up your muscles, juicing cleansing, fitness guru or lovers, lose weight, healthy eating plans, and those New Year body resolutions, you need to start taking in more proteins. Eating healthy food increases our protein intake too. But we know many people can’t keep up with these guidelines and hence the need for protein supplements. Well, a blender for protein shakes gives us plenty of options for incorporating the muscle-building nutrients essential for our everyday life. You can add protein powder to vegetables and fruits then blend if you are a starter bodybuilder.

Buying your ingredients to make protein shakes will cost you less compared to made and packaged shakes out there. For such shakes, you don’t have control of what’s in there, and it is costly in the end, even if you think a blender is expensive. Don’t worry about the time. When you have all the ingredients, the entire process is time-efficient and simpler. Get your blender for protein shakes and make a healthy smoothie at home.

Here you will get the best blender for protein shakes and a buyer’s guide that make picking one stress-free. Read through, pick one product, and enjoy homemade and healthy protein shakes.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Blender For Protein Shakes

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Blender For Protein Shakes

No one blender will be the best choice for everyone since each one of us has their taste and preference. So, the right one for you might not be best for someone else. The challenge is in getting the perfect model suitable for their needs with multiple blenders available in the market nowadays.

Knowing what you want makes the buying process easier while enabling you to maximize your value on the product.  Here we discuss various factors essentials for the best blender for protein shakes.


Power is an essential factor when it comes to blenders. Various blenders have a different power rating, which also determines how strong each model can function. A professional blender that can crush up ice cubes or anything else thrown inside often has over 1000W.

While a personal blender for protein mix and necessary shakes like Herbalife shakes has at least 250 to 300 watts. The recipes for this kind of mixer don’t include ice cubes but rather powder and liquids. To crush ice of frozen fruits considers getting powerful blender, the one with low watts might overheat breaking the workload in the process. Remember, large mixers perform many functions and hence the need for extra power.


Blades often have a more significant impact when it comes to blenders, especially on low-priced models. The number of modules, the design, materials, and the type of blades used to matter most. Various mixers can have different shapes and sizes of blades. Check carefully how the edges are attached and angled as this determines its mixing power.

Some blenders have multiple blades, meaning one has choices allowing them to control the texture and speed of the blend. While other models come with a single edge only, these models are the best overall as their blades are durable and can handle any task. However, these single-bladed models are more expensive compared to others.

The blades materials for blenders matter a lot as this determines their durability and how each model handles their tasks. The best blenders are ones that have blades made from stainless steel. They will not only last longer but also hold their edges well. Models that have a Teflon coating are premium and stylish. This coating helps them to resist scratching and stay sharp all the time. So, after a while, they will still look good as well as handle their tasks well. Check how the edges connect to the primary machines too.


Many people nowadays don’t consider the service the machines render only but also their style and design. Each buyer wants something that fits well with their kitchen décor and interior. Manufacturers on their side are reinventing different models opting for a compact and modern look. Blenders’ shapes are put into consideration also as this might affect its storage and capacity. Consider functional with eye-catching design as they always sell more than you may think.

Cup size

Blenders with high speed and power come with large blending cups and are suitable for preparing shakes for a group of people. The low-speed and power mixers have smaller containers made for one person or couples. There are high-powered models for you or couples to blend their smoothies the way they want them. People usually prefer personal blenders when it comes to protein shakes because they are easy to use, clean, and store.


You should consider a product that has a more extended warranty than the other if all factors are held constant. A warranty gives you the surety of functionality and quality. Manufacturers also provide warranty for more prolonged periods depending on their production capabilities. Blenders available in the markets have different warranties ranging from one year up to ten years.


Materials used to determine if the blender will last or withstand rough use without letting it out. Plastic-made models are much less durable compared to ones made with thicker materials. If you like their protein shakes, ice-cold do not go for blenders that hold temperatures for a long time and vice versa. Generally, blades materials need to be durable as well. Consider the stainless steel blades if you are investing for a more extended period and planning to use stubborn and robust ingredients.


Some blenders are designed specifically for protein shakes like the smaller ones with portable cups. On the other hand, some are multipurpose mixers suitable for various uses in our modern kitchens. If you can afford it, actually go for premium kitchen appliances, typically larger blender that has pitcher.

Furthermore, mixers with more speed control will let you have more control over your shakes as you can be able to control the mixtures consistent with your own choice. Versatility offers the greatest joy to many buyers out there as they enable them to save money used to buy other items as well as space. High-end multipurpose things in your kitchen make you look organized and admirable.

Ease Cleaning And Care

Easy cleaning and care is also an essential factor to take into consideration. If you consider yourself to be a neat person or want to be elegant, go for models that are easier to clean. Some dishwasher-safe models make cleaning a breeze. Models in the market can be challenging to clean, so check properly, before the purchase.

However, they are self-cleaning models of blenders in the market. Even beginners find it easy to use and clean. Generally, food preparation of all kinds needs to be prepared in a decent place at all times, with the use of clean kitchen appliances to avoid food contaminations and poisoning.


If you are always on the move and love outdoor activities, you might have to consider portable blenders for protein shakes. Blenders that you can bring with you anywhere you are planning to go. Luckily, there are models reviewed here that can fit into your car cup holder perfectly. You can also find a portable machine that can make protein enough shakes for your friends too.

Brand Loyalty

Some people prefer go-to brands such as NutriBullet, Hamilton Beach, among others. Basically, due to brand popularity, experience, offers, and brand loyalty, and this satisfies them. They can’t hold back too if they are not happy, they will always raise their concerns on various platforms. Look at Amazon to get different best sellers brands when it comes to blenders for protein shakes.


Budget limit many people out there when it comes to final choice-forcing them to settle for what fits within their reach. Even though they like other models but so long as the blender performs original work, they have no other option. When starting, go for an affordable mixer of your choice since you might need to change it with time. Then you might consider forking out a lot of money for your dream blender for protein shakes after understanding your needs more.

Top 6 Blender For Protein Shakes (Bestseller)

In a hurry? Check the bestseller top Blender for Protein Shakes from Amazon. Just check the product link, the details, and the price.

Best Blenders for Protein Shakes Reviews

1. NutriBullet NRB-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/ Mixer System

NutriBullet NBR-1201 is one of the bestseller blenders on Amazon. It is among the most straightforward personal blender to operate and extremely safe to use on the market. This affordable blender suitable for protein shakes drinks comes with a tall handled cup, a 24 and 18 oz cup. Additionally, the 12-piece mixer has two resealable lids, and two cup rings with one having the handle for maximum portability.

Its 600-watts motor enables one to pulverize vegetables, fruits, protein powder, and superfood plus ice. Your protein shakes drinks will come out with an irresistibly smooth texture for you to enjoy. The blender features a stainless steel blade designed to enhance the motor power. These blades with a cyclonic action have the potential to extract superior nutrients in your concussion while breaking food down into absorbable states. You can share your protein shakes with your kids thanks to NutriBullet NBR 1201 basic configuration, which makes it child-friendly. For those who are always on the go, these blenders will suit perfectly your lifestyle.


1. Leak and spill-proof lids with one-year warranty blender

2. High quality yet affordable with multiple cups and blades

3. A Portable and lightweight model, you can always travel with it.


1. The model underside blade can be difficult to clean since foods usually stuck in them

Here Are Essential Features Of NutriBullet NRB-1201:

Weight7.05 Pounds
Dimension12.87× 9×13 inches
Power600 Watts

2. Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver 11 Piece set

This small silver blender by a magic bullet is one of the easiest designed to use and store. It’s very convenient for someone who has minimal space in the kitchen or likes storing the kitchen appliances in the draws to make the place neat. The blender has a maximum power of 200 watts, but you can be able to blend fruit, make almonds butter, among other drinks.

Don’t worry more about the price, it’s pocket-friendly, and does the job. Yes, it’s the least powerful blender in the market, but wait until you taste its protein shakes to drink, then you can decide on that. Magic bullet runs at about 90 Db, which is louder compared to any other average blender out there.  Some people are discouraged by this noise, especially in the morning.

The flexibility of the machine allows one to change the size of the cup, depending on the cooking. This model is dishwasher safe and has a one-year warranty.


1. Easy to use and clean

2. The model comes with multiple cups of a maximum of 16 oz

3. Dishwasher safe

4. Comes with a recipe book to get you started

5. Quality BPA free materials


1. Not suitable for making hot soup

Here Are Essential Features Of Magic BulletMBR-1101:

Weight4.7 Pounds
Dimension4.01× 4.48× 11.61 inches
Power250 Watts

3. Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend With Travel Sport Bottle

This unique and sleek design by Oster is one of a kind. It’s known in the market as one of the best personal blenders for protein shakes. Oster, my blend blender, is a lightweight model making it a portable mixer, which enables one to make protein shakes wherever they are at any time. The item’s versatility allows you to make your protein shakes and smoothies as well as mix foods like salad dressing or soup. It’s also suitable for an active lifestyle like sporty persons as they can be used as a sports bottle to carry water. The model has a lid with a carry hook for your convenient use throughout the day.

The pocket-friendly colorful Oster my blend blenders come in various colors, i.e., blue, green, and orange. The mixer features a 250 watt motor in the base, a four-blade base, and a 2o oz container. Well, the model is quiet compared to most blenders, thus making your early morning peaceful. For beginners and experienced protein shakes, this model is highly recommendable. So, long as you are not looking forward to using the blender for cooking.


1. Easy to use and clean as its dishwasher safe

2. BPA free and affordable

3. One year warranty

4. Stylish and quiet model


1. Blending can be troublesome if the cup is too full

Here Are Essential Features Of Oster BLSTPB-WBL-000:

Weight1 Pound
Dimension6.9× 6.7× 14.9 inches
ColorLight Powder Blue
Power250 Watts

4. Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender

This attractive single-serve blender is suitable for people who keep their healthy life and workout lifestyle away from their houses. Its 175-watts motor enables you to make your perfect protein shakes as well as soft drinks such as strawberries and bananas. The BPA-free model is easy to use and clean. Hamilton beach comes with a 14-ounce blending jar, which is portable and can as a travel cup.


1. Powerful motor and blades

2. Durablight weight blender

3. Dishwasher safe


1. One cup only

Here Are Essential Specs Of Hamilton Beach 51101AV:

Weight 1.8 Pounds
Dimension5.2× 4.2× 11.9 inches
Power175 Watts

5. Ninja Nutri  Pro Compact Personal Blender with 18 and 24oz Cups to Go

Ninja BL456 is among the few high-quality blenders we have in the market today. The 900-watt motor single serve blender can blend all of your protein shakes ingredients into a smooth texture. If you like nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, ice, or any problem combining ingredients, this will be your perfect choice.

Its 18 and 24 oz portable cups serve as blending containers also. But this affordable, efficient, and sleek design model makes the loudest noise as compared to different blenders. So you might bother the people in your house or neighbors early in the morning, making your protein shakes. But you care, if it suits your needs and you like it! Go for it.


1. Quality BPA free plastic blender

2. Dishwasher safe

3. One year warranty

4. Quickstart recipe and guide book


1. This blender is loud

Here Are Essential Specs Of Ninja Nutri Pro BL456:

Weight4.75 Pounds
Dimension6× 6× 14 inches
ColorBlack & Silver
Power900 Watts

6. Ninja Professional 72 oz Countertop Blender

This model is one of the Shark Ninja bestselling blenders in the market. The 1000 watt motor blender can be able to turn ice into snow in a matter of seconds. To add to this, it has three speeds and pulse settings, enabling you to choose your concussion texture. The single-serve function is available plus two 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids.

Its most massive blending pitcher of 72 oz you to make protein shakes for the whole family. The multipurpose blender is dishwasher safe, both the blending pitcher and Nutri Ninja cups, not to mention the BPA-free plastic point.


1. Professional and affordable quality model

2. Most powerful blender in the market

3. The model has multiple speed settings

4. Dishwasher safe and BPA free


1. Not suitable for honey blending

Here Are Essential Features Of Ninja Professional BL610:

Weight7.1 Pounds
Dimension9.5×7.5×17 inches
Power1000 Watts



Q: Can You Use Any Blender For Protein Shakes?

Most of the blenders available out there are suitable for making protein shakes. Although we have some mixers explicitly designed for protein shakes, some people believe that blenders are only for smoothies that aren’t right or other drinks that require fruit, ice, or vegetables.

Protein shakes are made by mixing up protein powder with liquids like milk and blending to combine thoroughly. Blenders enable you to make protein shakes easily and quickly.

Q: Can One Lose The Nutritional Value Of Protein Powder By Blending Them?

No, blending protein powder will not temper your nutritional benefits. Combining protein using a blender might indeed break up some of the structure of the protein, but nutritional value remains intact. Don’t worry; even if the mixer starts the breakdown process of powder, your stomach will surely complete the process? Blend as much as you have to, and at the end of it, you will see the grams add up in your body.

Q: Can I Crush The Ice With My Protein Shakes?

A blender that has the power to crush ice in your shakes should have a minimum of 1000 watts. Less than that might break down your machine by overheating it. However, there is always a manual to refer to, on your specific product before placing any ingredients. It will ensure your blender does specific work designed to handle if you are not one hundred percent of what it can feel.

Q: How Noisy Are The Blenders For Protein Shakes?

The level of noise depends on the power and the materials of your blender. An average mixer runs up to 88 decibels. Cheaper models come with inferior materials and low-class casing that increases the noise of such blenders. Powerful blenders are usually noisier. Placing underlying towels or pads can reduce blender noise significantly.

Q: How Can I Make My Protein Shake Creamy?

Protein shake recipes are nothing more than powder and water. But if you want a creamier shake with a good drinking texture, then you might consider swapping out the water part for milk. You can either use whole milk, coconut milk, almond milk to ensure a smoother texture instead of water. Feel free to experiment with different options such as adding nuts, butter, peanut butter, among other ingredients for better taste and texture.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, there are several blenders built to be durable and functional. Most importantly, choose the best blender for protein shakes from the ones reviewed here for the best performance. What you need to do is match your needs against several blenders features; it will be easier to choose one that works best for you. So, ensure you get a high-quality blender considering the factors we have earlier discussed in our article. If you go for versatility, make sure your mixers do their primary job perfectly well. Put your budget under consideration but don’t compromise quality over the price. In the end, you will have a powerful blending machine that will last you for ages.

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