Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums Of 2022 (Benefits & Process)

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Relaxing in water during your free time is very entertaining. It gets sweeter if you have an above-ground pool as you cool off the heat of the day. However, it is quite annoying to have litter around your pool. It is not only unhygienic but disgusting as well. Maintaining a clean and hygienic above-ground pool will not be possible unless you have the Best Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums.

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What is an Above Ground Pool Vacuum?

An Above Ground Pool Vacuum is used to clean the pool and remove dirt, debris, and leaves from it. It uses a water jet to suck in debris while at the same time using suction cups to keep the vacuum on for an extended period of time.

Above Ground, Pool Vacuums are meant for above-ground pools only. They are specifically designed for use in these pools because they work best with them. The standard size is a 7-feet x 4-feet x 4-feet; however, there are larger sizes available as well, which can accommodate bigger pools.

An Above Ground Pool Vacuum can be installed on any pool that has an opening of 3 feet wide x 1 foot deep or less.

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This guide will help you choose these vital tools that will help keep your pool clean and attractive both to you and those around you. Read on for more insights:

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Above Ground Vacuums

It is quite enjoyable to relax in a swimming pool as a way of breaking from the day-to-day routine. But it won’t be fun unless you do it in a clean and healthy environment. You need the proper equipment to perform this noble task. For you to buy the best above ground pool vacuums, you need to consider the following factors:

1. The Size Of The Pool

Your pool size plays a vital role in determining the type of pool vacuum to pick. A small above-ground pool does not require a costly and sophisticated tool, while a more extensive pool may need a powerful pool cleaner. Most above-ground pools are not so big and so may not require an expensive vacuum.

2. The Surface Of The Pool

There are different pool surfaces such as tiled, rough surfaces, and so on. The above-ground pool vacuum that you select should not damage the surface. You, therefore, need to take time to find out the most suitable for you.

3. The Length Of Horse Or Cord

When selecting the type of pool vacuum, you need to consider the depth, which will also determine the length of the cable of your pool vacuum. If your pool is deep, then the pipe length should be considerable.

4. Warranty

A tool that comes with a warranty assures you of its quality and value for your money. Before purchasing your cleaner, check the length of the manufacturer’s warranty and what it covers. Sometimes you may buy a tool, and it breaks down after a short while, which will be costly for you. You should purchase a product that is covered with a warranty so that in case of breakdown, you will not incur any extra cost.

7 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum

Are you wondering which is the best high-ground pool vacuum among the many available! Worry no more! This guide highlights the features and benefits of the top six tools that will help you keep your pool clean. Read it and get more insights:

1. Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Li Pool & Spa Cleaner (Best Handheld Pool Cleaner)

Do you want to keep your pool water fresh and free from debris? Then the water Tech pool Blaster is a perfect tool. It has the capability of cleaning 33 gallons per minute, and it is entirely independent of the significant filter systems.

This equipment is not heavy, and it is easy to use. It can be joined to a telescopic pole for a wider reach and can also clean all kinds of places without untidy hoses or extra pumps. Its battery is rechargeable, thus increasing its run time up to 45 minutes. The pool blaster vacuum has a reusable filter bag, and it effectively removes leaves, sand, and germs that may cause diseases.

Benefits Of The Product

1. Lightweight, user-friendly and affordable

2. Can be attached to any ordinary-sized pool pole or one can use hands

3. It can collect sand and little granules from roof shingles.

4. It can pick thick wet leaves and pine needles

5. The catfish pool vacuum functions on any D-Cell battery, and it has a rechargeable battery.


1. Does not come with a pole and it may be hard to find one

Looks appealing

Click this link for more insights

2. Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum With Telescoping Aluminum Shaft  (Best Lightweight Pool Vacuum)

The Intex handheld rechargeable Vacuum helps to keep pool water clean by vacuuming out debris and dirt. It has an automatic shutoff property when not submerged in water and a waterproof switch for extra protection against water submersion.

The tool is lightweight and easy to use, and it has a flexible aluminum telescoping pole with a length of up to 94 inches in diameter. It also has durable in-built NI-MH batteries that can be recharged to offer powerful suction abilities. The Intex handheld vacuum is durable with a shutoff feature that prevents it from running dry when not submerged in water. The gadget can’t easily break down. It is easy and quick to recharge it using the included USB cable.

The Benefits Of This Pool Vacuum

1. Lightweight and easy to use

2. Has an automatic shutoff feature when not in water and so can spoil easily

3. Includes USB cable that makes it recharge quickly and fast thus saving time

4. Has an extended pole that enables it to reach a broader area in the pool

5. Has a one year warranty, hence gives you value for your money

Can efficiently and effectively remove sand and debris from the pool bottom unlike other bulky cleaners

Click here for more  benefits and features:

3. Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool & Spa Cleaner (Most Durable Above Ground Pool Vacuum)

The water Tech pool blaster effectively cleans pools, spas, and hot tubs. The max Li vacuum has an entirely rechargeable Lithium-ion battery making it the most potent pool cleaner, and it has no cord or hose.

The pool vacuum is durable and efficient on all leaves and debris, whether small or large. It comes with a free sand and silt bag or micro filter bag.

The Benefits Of This Above Ground Pool Vacuum

1. Easy to operate with an on/off push–button

2. Has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that increases its run-time up to 60 minutes

3. Suitable for cleaning any pool or spa

4. It is very durable

Click this link and get more highlights:

4. Water Tech Pool Blaster Aqua Broom Pool & Spa Cleaner

The Pool Blaster Aqua Broom is a pocket-friendly battery-powered pool and spa vacuum. The pool, Blaster, is one of the most potent pool cleaners.  It comes with a reusable, multi-purpose filter bag and two disposable micro filter bags for additional exceptional cleaning. It is entirely cordless, and one can attach the tool to any ordinary-sized pool pole for a more extensive reach cleaning.

The Benefits Of The Product

1. Effectively cleans your pool

2. Can operate for an extended period without recharging the batteries

3. Durable and powerful batteries

4. Has an adjustable pole


1. Can sometimes fail to work if it gets water

2. Comes with a very short pole

This product sounds perfect for your pool?

Check this link for prices, photos, and more features:

5. Vingli Pool Vacuum Automatic Sweeper Swimming Pool Creepy Crawler Vacuum (Budget Friendly Pool Vacuum Cleaner)

The Vingli pool vacuum is efficient in cleaning and easy to set up and install. It lets you clean your pool with little effort, and it is also quiet in comparison with other automatic pool cleaners. The weight and regulator valves are adjustable to give the best results for a clean pool. 

The automatic pool vacuum effectively removes debris and dirt, leaving your pool clean and hygienic. It has a wheel deflector for moving around tight corners and scuff-resistant durable hoses that help to get rid of scuffs on all the surfaces of the pool. The pool does not break or jam; hence, no interruptions to your cleaning process. The process of cleaning is easy and quick with the Vingli pool vacuum

The pool vacuum also comes with a one-year guarantee on all parts, and so you are sure of getting quality parts. It includes ten long-lasting hoses for replacement in case of a defect, and the sweeper can be attached to an existing filtration system.

The Benefits Of This Product

1. It is not expensive

2. Effectively cleans the walls and corners of the pool and other parts without any damage

3. Easy to assemble and install

4. Mighty suction power that can’t stick

5. Quick and easy to clean

6. Has a one-year warranty


1. Not suitable for large debris and leaves

Looks right for your pool?

Click this link for more highlights: 

6. Skooba  Kokido Max Vac Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner (Best Small Particles From Pool Vacuum)

The Skooba Kokido max is a mechanical handheld pool vacuum for cleaning above-ground pools. It is easy to assemble and cleans the water effectively by connecting to the pool’s low-flow filtration system. It has a design that works with filters that run at a minimum of 500GPH in soft-wall, medium-sized pools. The tool filters and vacuums the pool at the same time, thus preventing clogging that may shorten its life. It also has a removable filter bag in which the debris collects and comes out of the transparent twist-top chamber.

The vacuum can reach up to a length of 7 feet 3 inches, thanks to the aluminum pole that has four extensions. It cleans further than other jet vac systems since it has a 20 feet long hose.  The package includes a first nozzle, a clip-on brush for scrubbing off dust.  It likewise has a pivoting head that is wide with ball wheels that rotate and glide along the floor of the pool, making the cleaning process easy. It is suitable for pools with a diameter of between 8-18 feet.

The Benefits Of This Pool Vacuum

1. Prevents clogging as it has a removable internal filter bag that collects dirt before reaching the pool

2. Comes with adapters for sizes of pools

3. Has a small plastic tank that traps all the dirt

4. Picks small particles effectively

5. The price is affordable

6. It is strong and durable


1. May not be efficient for larger particles

2. The hose is not long enough to get to all parts of the pool

Check this link for more features and price:

7. XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum – Generic Climb Wall Pool Cleaner

This automatic pool cleaner vacuum includes a set of a hose, and it is ideal for cleaning dirt effectively. It collects leaves, debris, bugs, pebbles, and short twigs from the pool. It lets you spend more time swimming than cleaning. It does not have wheels and gears; therefore, no jamming or breaking, hence no interruptions in the process of cleaning.

The pool vacuum has an eco-friendly design for high efficiency in cleaning and low maintenance. It is also durable than other PVC cleaners. It attaches to your current filtration system and filters more water within a short time. The devices move around the water by themselves, keeping the pool tidy. It cleans gently and thoroughly whether the pool is small or large or whatever the shape or construction.

The Benefits Of This Pool Cleaner

1. Cleans all debris from the poll such a algae, leaves, twigs, etc

2. Does not require any tools or electricity

3. Cleans gently and thoroughly pools of all types, sizes and make

4. Has a simple design with no wheels to jam, no gears to break, and it is easy to maintain

5. It is very long-lasting

6. Perfect in energy saving

7. Connects easily to the existing filtration system

This automatic pool cleaner suits all your needs of maintaining a clean pool.

Check here for more benefits, features, price, and photos:

What’s the Benefit of Using a Pool Vacuum?

  1. Most pool owners don’t realize that the benefits of a pool vacuum can go beyond just a clean and clear pool. They also save time and effort for their customers, as well as reduce the costs involved in maintaining a swimming pool.
  2. Pool vacuuming is also an effective solution for keeping your swimming pool free from bacteria. It helps in preventing waterborne illnesses and other types of waterborne illness which can be transmitted via swims. So, it is best to invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner unit if you want to keep your swimming pool safe and healthy.
  3. Vacuuming with a machine like this will help you maintain the cleanliness of the water in your swimming pools, as well as eliminate unwanted particles from entering it. This will ensure that swimmers are not exposed to any harmful bacteria.
  4. An efficient pool vacuum not only makes cleaning pool easier, it also keeps the entire pool clean from dirt and debris.
  5. These vacuums are great for small pools but some models can even serve large pools as well. Some models can even be used in above-ground pools, spas, or ponds. The key is to find the model that is best suited for your particular needs.

Our research revealed that most of the customers who purchased a pool vacuum were satisfied with their purchase and eventually recommend their products to others.

How Does an Above Ground Pool Vacuum Clean a Pool (The Process)?

An above ground pool requires a vacuum cleaner to provide an efficient and thorough clean of its interior. This cleaning method is typically used in 3-5 hours.

1. Turn the vacuum cleaner on before you start vacuuming

2. Turn the filter off and pull it out of the pool

3. Turn on the main hose running from the top of the pool to the bottom

4. Use a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner in-between each part of your pool

5. Remove particles from inside your filter with a brush attachment provided by your vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

FAQs On The Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum

There are several questions that you may need to be answered before deciding on the best above-ground pool vacuum. Here are some of the FAQs

1. Which Is The Ideal Vacuum For My Above Ground Pool?

The choice of a pool vacuum depends on several factors, such as your pool type, size, warranty, and functionality. It also matters what your needs are, as pertains to the vacuum.

2. Can I Use Any Cleaner Vacuum To Keep My Pool Clean, Or Do I Need To Have A Particular Type?

Each pool vacuum is designed to perform its unique functions. Some work perfectly with in-ground pools while others function well with above-ground pools. Before purchasing, look for reviews from other users and consult your friends who have the same type of pool as you.

3. How Do You Vacuum An Above Ground Pool?

To effectively vacuum your pool, connect the swivel end of the vacuum hose to its head then attach the head to the additional pole. Drop the assembly into the pool and extend the pole till the head of the pool reaches the bottom. Lock the pole into a point, leaning it against the side of the pool within easy reach of the outlet of water return.

4. Should I Remove The Skimmer Basket When Vacuuming My Pool?

You should remove the cover and basket from the skimmer and then float the valve. Cover the open end of the vacuum hose with your palm. Lift the hose over the pool deck and inside the skimmer through the opening at the top.

5. Should One Backwash After Vacuuming The Pool?

Yes. It is advisable to vacuum first then backwash later. When you backwash, you will remove all the gathered dirt and debris from your filter. Failing to backwash gets the filter clogged, leading to excessive pressure that builds up while it is running.

6. Should One Brush The Pool Before Vacuuming?

Some automatic cleaners don’t need you to brush before you vacuum. It is necessary that you vacuum the pool once a week. Vacuuming helps to remove the bacteria and debris at the bottom of the pool.  

Final Word

Having a swimming pool in your compound is a worthy investment that comes with some prestige. You can have a break from the standard routine of relaxing in the water. However, unless the cleanliness of the pool is maintained correctly, it may end up being a health hazard rather than luxurious. You, therefore, have to clear your pond of leaves and dirt at least once per week.

It may not be effortless maintaining a hygienic pool unless you have the best above-ground pool vacuum.  You don’t have to use a lot of time cleaning the pool hence feeling tired at the end of the process. You should pick the pool vacuum that is ideal for you and that which best suits your needs.  An automatic pool saves you a lot of time and effort as compared to the manual one, and it is, therefore, a perfect choice.

You should also get value for your money when purchasing your pool vacuum and for this reason, check the product’s warranty before buying. Most swimming pools have the manufacturer’s guarantee on parts or the whole tool.  The warranty will save you the hustle of looking for a new machine in case it breaks down at the initial stage.

It would be advisable to look at how easy it is to assemble and install your pool vacuum before picking on it. You don’t need to get the equipment that gives you a headache any time you want to clean your pool.   The depth of your swimming pool plays a significant role in determining the length of the hose for the pool vacuum. It is also vital to consider the size of the pool, whether large or small so that you don’t purchase a cleaner that will strain and break down before the completion of the process.

The above mentioned seven vacuums are worth consideration and will make your swimming pool an excellent site for relaxing. You will also be able to rest assured that there are no health hazards in your pool when it remains clean all the time. It is therefore prudent to invest in a good pool vacuum. Ensure that the cleaning process is fun and that anyone can undertake it. Choose a tool that is lightweight and comfortable too.

Enjoy your expeditions under the water in the cleanest above-ground pool ever!

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