10 Great Party Ideas for Your 30th Birthday

10 Great Party Ideas for Your 30th Birthday

Not every day you enter the 30s, one of the best stages of adult life, so celebrating a 30th birthday party as it deserves is almost an obligation. If you want to start filling this stage of your life or from a friend with the best experiences.

Already birthdays are always an excellent excuse to organize a celebration, but in the special case that you or any of your friends approach the age of 30, it is a reason to make the celebration become something really original.

Any kind of crazy things can be done for a 30 birthday party. There are a lot of activities available to enjoy a great day in the company of our friends and loved ones. For that reason below we will show you  10 Great Party Ideas for Your 30th Birthday.

10 Great Party Ideas for Your 30th Birthday

1. Pajama party

You are never too big to enjoy a sleepover at home and the 30th birthday party may be the most appropriate time for this activity. Of course, as adults, the party in pajamas can be a bit more fun because alcohol is allowed.

Surely this is a more striking alternative for women than for men, however, many pajama parties are held in mixed groups so that the 30th birthday party becomes a slightly more interesting celebration.

To carry out this celebration, it is important to plan each of the necessary details. Food, drinks, and activities that will take place during the night are fundamental issues. You can offer a wide variety of simple snacks, preferably fast food that can arrive at home to save maximum organization time.

As for the activities, everything will depend on the taste of the guests, being able to choose between the classic game of truth or challenge, or prefer gambling and casino to turn the party 30th birthday into an unparalleled experience.

2. Make a liquor tasting

If you are lovers of good drinks, then this is the perfect activity to enjoy a great 30th birthday party.

The tastings of alcoholic beverages are an activity that is offered both in the wineries of the most prestigious liquor brands and in restaurants specializing in this subject. There is even the alternative to request the service of tasting liquors at home, this being an excellent way to share a birthday at home with our friends and family.

If this idea seems interesting to offer on your party 30th birthday, then you will have to research and select from the catalog of tastings available to the company you select for this service.

Among the most common tasting options is the tasting of Gin Tonics, tasting of whiskeys, beer, wines, and vodkas. A private tasting can be a truly original idea for the celebration of our 30th birthday since it is totally different. An intimate and exclusive experience that will make the birthday boy or birthday girl feel special.

3. Do a gymkhana

Gymkhanas is one of the funniest ways to hang out and can become one of the most original alternatives to spend the 30th birthday party. Spend a day competing against our friends, with the mixture of agility and skill required by the great games proposed by gymkhana organizers.

The tests can be as creative as our imagination allows, being able to be games in the city, walking and knowing emblematic places while we taste the gastronomy of the area, or outdoors in a space like a natural park or a field of football where games can be comfortably performed.

To organize a birthday party that includes gymkhanas, we need to know that these types of games are activities that need a certain number of participants.

In this sense, if we choose to select a company that is responsible for the entire start-up, then we will have to reserve the activity well in advance so that there is a guarantee that all guests will be served in the best possible way and that The fun expected by all is also guaranteed.

4. Play a group game

For a 30th birthday party to become a totally original day, the group of friends needs to share some really insurmountable activity. In this case, there are many options that we can contemplate and one of them are virtual reality games.

Having a virtual reality experience in a group is undoubtedly one of the most original plans. One of the most amazing experiences and of course the most sought after are the games referring to the zombie apocalypse. But there are also other types of equally interesting and striking simulations, such as driving games, submarine simulators or roller coasters.

Additionally, the Escape Room are another great idea, because they allow the entire group to work as a team, trying to discover the clues that allow them to escape from the room in which they are locked.

5. Go to a spa

Nothing better than the 30th birthday to release the stress accumulated by long working hours and the stress of daily life. If you are looking for a quiet and very satisfying activity, then the choice must be to take a spa day in the company of your closest friends.

Surely this is one of the favorite options of the girls because it allows them to totally relax in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, receiving facials, massages, and the entire catalog of services that the selected establishment has available.

The visit to a spa is synonymous with total disconnection, letting ourselves be carried away by the aromas and sensations of each activity and moving away from the heavy daily routine for a while. If you are one of the people who meet a strenuous work and homey routine, then you will greatly appreciate this activity as a personal gift for a 30th birthday party.

A spa appointment can also be an ideal activity for gentlemen, since many of the activities can be perfectly adapted to them and help them relax during their birthday, making this a totally unique and special day.

6. Go to a themed restaurant

Celebrating a 30th birthday party can be much easier to organize if we decide to go to dinner at a themed restaurant in your city. In LA, for example, the options can be very diverse, from an erotic restaurant to horror-themed parties, the 80s, and many other alternatives.

On the internet, you will find different listings with thematic restaurants that can make it very easy for you to find the right place, depending on the tastes of the honoree or the honoree.

7. Limousine ride through the city

Arriving at the disco and getting off a luxury limousine after touring the city with your friends is one of the things to keep in mind if you are organizing a 30th birthday party. The limousine tour can be done in small groups and depending on the package selected, some alcoholic beverages can be included to make the trip a bit more enjoyable.

The first thing we need to think about is to select the most suitable route for us and the point of arrival. 

In general, many limousine companies already have an established route but in our case, we can establish our own route. choosing the places in the city that we like the most, making the party 30th birthday something totally unmatched.

This can be a complementary activity that can be linked very easily with the idea of ​​visiting one of the theme restaurants in the city, in this case, arriving at the venue as real rock stars. On the internet, you will find a different pack with a limousine that will make your job easier if you want to combine.

8. Return to your childhood. 

Get inspired by your favorite characters like Toy Story or video games. Make your night shine and be very special. Add glitter to your candles, your ornaments, and up to your balloons! You’ll love it. There is no party without a disco ball that reminds you that you already have a few years old do it yourself with a paper lamp and CDs.

9. Make a route on horseback in full nature

Escaping the stress of daily life is one of those options that we all love, but unfortunately, we do not have available. 

A horse ride outside the city is one of those activities in the middle of nature that is available to all of us and that we can include among the most original ideas to carry out the best 30th birthday party.

The contact with nature and the hours on the horse, visiting impressive places and breathing fresh air is one of the best sensations that a person can experience and even more on our 30th birthday and is an activity that we can share with family or friends To make it much more satisfying.

10. Take a group trip

Traveling as a group is one of those things we can do to celebrate almost anything. Celebrating the party in your city can be really fun, but traveling in a group can be much better, especially if our friends have the same spirit of adventure.

The first thing to do is talk about the destination of the trip and then refine the minor details. To organize this trip successfully, it is most convenient to allow it to be a consolidated and experienced travel agency that helps with all the necessary details for a successful trip.

The agencies that organize local trips offer multiple alternatives, both financing and in the reservation of the best hotels and restaurants, travel insurance, guides, and much more, which makes the organization much simpler.

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